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Ink-vestment in Birmingham UK 2016 - 2030

Press Release: September 16, 2016

Tonight The future of Birmingham and Solihull strategic economic plan 2016 - 2030 summit takes places at Birmingham chamber of commerce. Whilst there will be people from the chamber and world of business institution in attendance there will be one face that will stand out more at #GBS2030

The 2015 UCB honorary Mr Birmingham inductee and tattoo world record holder King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink - Ite (Formerly known as Mathew Whelan, 36) will be in attendance.

King of Ink Land, not one to shy away from the business or political world regardless of his unique appearance has a passion for business. He was seen on the documentary 2000 tattoos 40 piercings and a pickled ear for Channel 5 in 2015 pursuing an interest in business start up.

We asked the self proclaimed "Inklionaire" what he expected from Thursday 15th September summit and this is what he had to say. "Firstly it's fantastic this event has been open to everyone and I am pleased to be a delegate. There is a mixture of large and small companies attending which will be critical to the debate. I am looking forward to hearing a lot more about the Curzon project over the next 30 years as we will be embracing HS2 with the new Curzon Street Station and the development regeneration plan seeing billions of pounds of investment. This will create new homes and tens of thousands of jobs not only adding an estimated £1.4 billion return

Birmingham and Solihull are both in the heart of the country and are open for business. With other developments and regeneration in the city brummies (Birmingham born people) as well as other people living, working and visiting the city will experience a rich modern world class city. The new cultural quarter and digbeth wholesale markets are also a long term investment.

This event will feature people like Callum Nisbett from the Institute of directors, David Caro from the federation of small businesses amongst others and it will be good to here what direction we as a city are heading in in this final wrap up event.

I am also looking forward to networking with people. It is always a surprise when people see me at such events because you don't expect a person covered in tattoos to be suited and booted and involved in such an important event. Times are changing. I'm not saying that you will see heavily tattooed managers and directors in all businesses anytime sooon, however there is starting to be a shift to more of an acceptability as long as they (tattoo / tattoos) do not incite hate and are not vulgar.

Last Thursday I was in London spending my money in there bars, restaurants and clubs attending a glamorous event. Now it's all about Birmingham again, now that I am home and seeing how the next decade and half and even beyond is to be shaped excites me."

Jessica Uppal
Marketing & Events Assistant for Birmingham chamber of commerce didn't recognise King of Ink Lands long unusual name, when the booking form came in. It's not everyday you get someone with such a long unique name. We professionally responded asking for the name of the delegate attending. We soon got clarification that it was his real name after doing some basic checks and didn't have a problem listing him on the attending list. We welcome everyone who has a keen interest and King of Ink Land is no different.

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