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Inforesight offers AIIM ERM Training

Press Release: February 01, 2010

Inforesight Limited, the specialist independent Information Management consultancy, has announced a partnership with AIIM International (of Maryland, USA) to deliver the AIIM ERM (Electronic Records Management) certificate programs through public and private classes throughout the UK and Ireland. The ERM program offerings include Practitioner, Specialist and Master Levels, and the first Master Class will start in London on 9th March 2010.

I am delighted that Inforesight will be delivering the AIIM ERM training stated Marc Fresko, Director of Inforesight Limited. He continued, Delivering high-quality training with no commercial bias is a natural fit to the services we already provide. As the importance of compliance rises, so does the appreciation of the need to understand how electronic records can be managed. We are looking forward to contributing to this increasingly important field. We feel the approach and perspective used by AIIM in developing the certificate programs completes the picture by providing the why, what and how of each topic and at the Master level, hands on application of lessons learned to an actual case study. We feel these programs strengthen our ability to provide students with a well rounded set of offerings that address real business issues.

According to Bob Larrivee, AIIM Director and Industry Advisor, Since the launch of our initial programs several years ago we have had more than 10,000 enrolments in these programs and steadily increasing demand to provide more options for potential students. Marc Fresko, Director of Inforesight Limited, led the original development team for the ERM program. We feel the partnership between AIIM and Inforesight Limited is a positive step forward for us in the expansion of our UK delivery channel for this program. He continues, AIIM has designed the ERM certificate program from a holistic perspective that addresses technology, process, people and change, a view that is shared by the Inforesight team. We see a great synergy between our organizations and a complimentary fit within UK the user community.


Founded by Marc Fresko, a consultant with an international reputation for expertise in electronic records management, Inforesight Limited is an independent consultancy established to provide top-quality consultancy advice and services in Information Management. It brings together the best, most experienced, practitioners in Information Management. A strong involvement in standards setting informs Inforesights consultancy, ensuring it is up to date and aligned to international best practices. Based in London (UK), Inforesight has an international client base in the private and public sectors.

For more details about Inforesight see http://www.inforesight.co.uk

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