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Infectious Disease: COVID-19 is world threating Diseases, 48 + country affected

Press Release: March 01, 2020

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms — like bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Many organisms live in and on our bodies. They're normally harmless or even helpful. But under certain conditions, some organisms may cause disease.

Some infectious diseases are often passed from person to person. Some are transmitted by insects or other animals. And you'll get others by consuming contaminated food or water or being exposed to organisms within the environment.

Coronaviruses are an outsized family of viruses that sometimes cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, just like the cold, in people. However, 3 times within the 21st-century coronavirus outbreaks have emerged from animal reservoirs to cause severe disease and global transmission concerns.

At the End of 2019, China had first Coronavirus (COVID-2019) affected patients.

COVID-2019 has affected more than 48+ country, 12 countries recorded their first cases in the past 48 hours.

More than 84,000 people in at least 47 countries have been infected. More new cases are recently reported outside China, where the outbreak began in December than within the country. China enforced a lockdown of 700 million people to regulate the spread of the virus.

Japan closed its schools for a minimum of a month. Iran canceled Friday Prayers in major cities. Saudi Arabia barred pilgrims from its holiest sites.

2858 people Died because of COVID-2019 and Recovered 36,603.

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