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Indomitable Audacity: The Newest Men's site has Launched

Press Release: June 26, 2015

Indomitable Audacity is a men’s website that was created in response to a need that the founder, Daniel Ndukwu, saw. The manosphere is being plagued by men that are spewing hate and vitriol in all directions and instead of encouraging young men, they are attempting to put them down. Indomitable Audacity is on a mission to put an end to that by taking a new tack.
The name indomitable audacity came about because of the literal meaning of the two words. Indomitable is that which cannot be conquered while audacity is extremely brave or courageous. It literally translates to that which is extremely brave and cannot be conquered. “If each and every man were to imbibe ideals that allowed him to rise above the status quo. That forced him to do more each and every day then the world would be transformed.” –Daniel Ndukwu. This mission is at the core of Indomitable Audacity.
Daniel Ndukwu identified the need for men of all ages to practice indomitable audacity so he created a platform to do just that. A platform that men could discuss the issues afflicting them free from the intense hate that can sometimes flow when hot button issues are being addressed.
Becoming a better man rests at the core of the guiding philosophy of the website. Indomitable Audacity is very willing to attempt new ways to get its message across to all segments of the male population of the world. The site intends to be a disruptive force. A disruptive force that will sweep away the old guard that is championing hate. When hate is championed, when hate is sowed in the breasts of large communities then hate is the only outcome those communities can reasonably hope to receive. Indomitable Audacity wants to return men in general to their former glory, this means making sure that they are well equipped with the necessary skills to do that. The skills that the website aims to imbibe include but are not limited to financial literacy, entrepreneurship, timeless style, and being able to shake of the slow creeping emasculation of the male population.
http://IndomitableAudacity.com is where men make a lifestyle choice to come, be, and do all that they can to rise above the status quo and we help in that journey by supplying all the resources necessary to make them complete men. Learn the new lifestyle you can be living, how to make money in different spheres of endeavor, blogging to freedom all while looking good, kicking ass, and taking names.
Indomitable Audacity is a place that seeks to help men of all ages become the best version of themselves. The site is dedicated to carrying out this mission in a number of ways such as first educating men on the problem facing them and then working to correct it. These aims will be accomplished without reverting to the age old practice of sowing dissent.
Although that can work well, it is not the road the site is going to take and in the coming years, it hopes to have an infinitely positive impact on the way men see the world around them.

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