Press Release: November 17, 2020

Indiy helps musicians get to work and start earning.

It can be super rewarding being a musician but it’s also tough finding jobs that pay well. Many talented musicians struggle to find work in a field that is often underappreciated. Indiy strives to remedy that problem by providing a place where musicians can connect seamlessly and find work doing the things they love.

Indiy is a marketplace built by musicians for musicians. The goal of Indiy is to allow musicians a place where they can expand their reach and access more streams of income. Indiy gives creators exposure and key insights into how they can best reach their audiences. They aim to make the music industry more accessible to those who are just starting out in their music careers, and a place to call home for music industry veterans alike. This peer-to-peer marketplace allows independent musicians to thrive through fair pricing, honesty, and un-biased connections.

Indiy is a secure, user-friendly freelance platform where musicians can buy and sell their services.

Creators can set up a profile and post their specific service. Honesty, transparency and clarity is highly important. Creators outline what buyers will expect to receive. Musicians will then receive inquiries from buyers and other musicians on the platform. Quality and timely communication will go a long way as musicians begin to work with artists and bands. Indiy offers a secure platform where all communication and payment transfers happen. In this way, both the creators and the buyer are protected, and they are able to work together smoothly and effectively. As creators work with more customers, they can build their reputation through positive reviews. This innovative platform gives musicians access to thousands of interested buyers.

The options are endless when it comes to which services to offer. Musicians can offer studio time, Graphic services like CD covers, music videos, beats, mixing, marketing materials, and more. Anything that relates to the music industry is included on Indiy, making it the perfect place for musicians to use their talents to gain an income.

Indiy is a web-based site, and can be used all over the world. This gives musicians the freedom to work wherever they want to, as well as travel while still generating a cash flow. Indiy is flexible and easy-to-use. Indiy believes in empowering musicians to be creative, provide quality work, and do what they enjoy. For more information or to sign up as a seller, visit www.indiy.com. Or download the App via the Google Play or Apple App store.

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