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Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) – tips to use them wisely in emergencies

Press Release: August 13, 2015

Medical first aid kits and associated supplies are inevitable in our present day living as we are completely not sure of when and how an emergency situation may arise. Most people now buy and store IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) for their emergency usage; but only a very few know how to properly store and use the same. Medical first aid kits (IFAK) are something that needs to be handled with utmost care and concern. The ignorance in this regard could sometimes make the whole kit worthless in urgent needs also. Therefore, it is a wider choice to learn more about IFAK; how to store and use them accurately. Here are some tips that help you accomplish the same. To know more about IFAK visit the website.

• IFAKs should not be too small or too big – some people buy and store all life saving medicines in the name of IFAK which is thoroughly not recommended. Though there is no finite rule regarding the size of your IFAKs, a cozy and compact one is more preferable as it would be more convenient to handle such a kit than handling one which is highly large or very small.

• Do not store in dry places – IFAKs are intended to be stored in a cool environment or in those places where atmospheric humidity is very less. This is to keep the first aid kit free from any kind of bacterias, fungus or viruses.

• Make the storing environment neat and tidy – make sure that you keep the IFAK storing environment neat and tidy. This is to preserve the hygiene of first aid kits to the most.

• Store it in easily accessible locations – you should always keep in mind that IFAKs are intended to be used in emergency situations. Therefore, storing it somewhere which is not very easily accessible is ultimate foolishness. Keep the IFAK very near to you as much as possible.

• Refill IFAK constituents from time to time – most of the people forget to refill the IFAK after using it. They remember about it only during the next emergency and by then, almost all the constituents in the system might have exhausted. For more details about IFAK visit World Wide Tactical .

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