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Indigo Logo Design Revamps to Blog 2.0 Featuring High-Value Content

Press Release: July 21, 2020

UNITED STATES, July 21 2020 Indigo Logo Design, a renowned branding, and designing agency in the USA, announces the launch of its improved and upgraded version of a blog. The company representatives are calling it “Blog 2.0”.

Previously, the organization had a specific webpage targeting various dimensions of the design industry. However, with the recent improvement, further topics have been added including marketing, branding, tutorials, guides, and the latest news concerning the design industry.

Another significant improvement that Indigo Logo Design`s representatives are touting is the level of insight that each of the blogs now offers to its readers. The company already had a significant profile amongst the design enthusiasts for its curated content; however, with further improvements, the speculations of the representatives at the company uphold that the agency will be getting quite a number of features for its blogs, which will eventually lead the agency into the big leagues.

“Like advertising in traditional marketing, Websites are also bound to change with time. Failure to do so may drive us out of the market. A successful business always tries to alter their offerings according to changing marketing trends while also addressing the internal changes within their business,” Said Alex – Marketing Executive at Indigo Logo Design. 

He further added, “Apart from working on our content in each department including Logo Design, Website and Branding, we have also worked on our website design. Thanks to the efforts made by our professional front-end developers, we have smartly positioned our offerings, so everything is communicated to the users within a few clicks.”

According to the CEO of Indigo Logo Design, the rebranding of blogs to blog 2.0 depicts a strategic move towards the company’s growth and an attempt to take it to the center stage of the industry. He firmly believes that this strategy will not only bring great benefit from an online perspective but will also help retain the existing customers` loyalty and brand affinity.

About Indigo Logo Design:

Indigo Logo Design is one of the leading design agencies in the USA that is renowned for a number of its services including professional logo designs, appealing websites, video animation, and mobile application development.

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