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India’s Top Selling Skill Training Programs Named to Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Press Release: May 11, 2020

The salesmen in India are facing many issues when it comes to Sales. If a salesman is not able to give his best at Sales then he is in trouble. To get rid of your Sale drought you need to take part in the Selling Skills Training Program. 


India is lucky to have Yatharth Marketing Solutions. Their Selling Skills Training Program can improve your selling skills from 6 to 10 in one sales training.


Mihir Shah- India's #1 Sales Trainer, changes the selling mindset of a salesman. It is very important for a salesman to change his way of thinking while he is in the process of Sales.


1- What is YMS's USP in the Selling Skills Training Program?

The Sales Training companies have a very basic style of giving Sales training. Yatharth Marketing Solutions, on the other hand, has a different approach to Sales Training. 


The USP that Yatharth Marketing Solutions uses in their Selling Skills Training is that they give a product based customized sales training session. They study the organization and the product. On the basis of the product of the organization, sales training is given. 


This USP is very helpful for the Salesmen as it becomes easier for the Salesmen to apply the knowledge they gained from the selling skills training. They can directly apply the knowledge while selling as the sales training was based on their product itself.


2- What are the key features of their Selling Skills Training Program?

The key feature of the Selling Skills Training Program is conducting a foreplay activity. The foreplay activity is for the Salesmen to understand what they have to do while selling their product or service.


Mihir Shah and his team become salesmen and they show the actual sales team how to conduct the sales process. Mihir Shah continuously gives his inputs during the foreplay so that the sales team knows what are the key points they have to focus on while selling their product.


3- Where do they stand today as a Selling Skills Training company?

In today's time, they are India's #1 Sales training company. They have given their Selling Skills Training Services to companies like Tally, Amazon, Aditya Birla Group, VIVO, etc. 


Their customers are extremely happy with the Selling Skills Training Program and have been only receiving selling skills training from YMS since then. The clients believe in the Sales ideology of Mihir Shah and his team.


Another feature that they add to the Selling Skills Training Program is that they provide support for three months of posts the selling skills training. This makes them even better compared to other Selling Skills Training Companies.


About Yatharth Marketing Solutions.

They have already changed the Sales techniques of many companies and got them a positive change in their sales results. Therefore I would recommend every reader of mine to reach out to Yatharth Marketing Solutions for your sales.

To get to know more details about Yatharth Marketing Solutions you can visit their website https://www.yatharthmarketing.com/

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