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India’s Top B2B Sales Training Programs named to Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Press Release: May 18, 2020

B2B companies have been facing trouble on how to improve their Sales Results. Even though they receive Sales Training, they don't really find any difference. What they actually needed was a good Sales Training company.


Just then a Sales Training Company founded in 2014 by Mr. Mihir Shah- India's top Sales trainer, Yatharth Marketing Solutions became India's #1 Sales Training Company to help B2B companies with their Sales.


They are the most trusted and most successful Sales Training Company in today's date. They provide Sales Training to all corporate companies. Being experts in Sales Training they also provide Sales Training to B2B companies.


Mihir Shah uses all his ten years plus Sales experience in the Sales Training program. The B2B Sales Training Program is one of their most talked-about Sales Training Program. 


How do they go about their B2B Sales Training Program?

Yatharth Marketing Solutions has its own USP for Sales Training. They provide a customized product based B2B Sales Training. 


Mihir Shah opted for this structure of B2B Sales Training because all other sales training companies provide a very basic structure of Sales training. The basic Sales training does not help the B2B companies. 


The product-based B2B Sales Training is given only after Mihir Shah and his team do a complete study of the Client's product and the organization. This helps Mihir Shah and his team to stick to the Organisation and its product. 


The B2B Sales Training also has a Q&A Session and a foreplay session. The Q&A Session is where the salesmen can clear all their queries with Mihir. As a Salesman, you can rest assured that Mihir will never leave any question unanswered. 


For the foreplay session, Mihir Shah supervises a Sales scenario. In the Sales scenario, Mihir's team plays the role of Salesmen and shows the actual salesmen of how the Sales process is supposed to be conducted.


Who has been their B2B clients?

Yatharth Marketing Solutions have maintained an excellent relationship with their B2B companies. Their B2B clients have seen progressive Sales reports once they received a B2B sales training program by Yatharth Marketing Solutions.


They have some big names like Procter & Gamble, Tally, Mahindra Finance, Align Connect, etc. Even today these big companies only like to take B2B Sales Training from Yatharth Marketing Solutions. 


About Yatharth Marketing Solution:

The most detailed information about Yatharth Marketing Solutions is given on their website https://www.yatharthmarketing.com/ the website is very user friendly and it is one of the most transparent websites one will ever visit. There is nothing hidden from the website visitors. 


The B2B Sales Training Program provided by Yatharth Marketing Solutions stands out from other Sales Training Companies. All B2B Sales companies that are looking for B2B Sales Training should try out Yatharth Marketing Solutions. 


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