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India’s First NFT Agency TechFaktory: A seed is a tree now

Press Release: March 19, 2021

In the present digital competitive world, it will be a smart move to move in the wind direction. To make things simpler for you, TechFaktory is emerging as the FIRST INDIAN NFT AGENCY. We manage NFT accounts and groom them to look attractive to investors. Stay a step ahead, focus on other things while we have your back.

TechFaktory is a complete Non-Fungible Token service provider and platform for business growth. Whether you are searching for an unpredictable oversaw procedure, a free review, or administrations explicit to a short mission, our experience and approach make sure to limit to the best and end up being a vital resource! We offer ignition peddle to artists, entrepreneurs, collectible finicky, celebs, game creators, law organizations, and other users of NFT’s. 
NFT was born in 2010, but it took almost seven years to be ‘The NFT,’ soon after the digital cat art was on sale and was allowed to breed by the CryptoKitties website. Attractive prices of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry opened a window for people to purchase and trade NFT’s. The thorough knowledge and follow-up since the birth of NFT made us stand out today in India. Last year the NFT market almost crossed the outer layer of the earth’s atmosphere after growing by 299% precisely. 

Why do we think it is important?
Art theft, design theft are not just words. The idea is to secure what belongs to you from those who have an eye to take possession of your terrific work. Since the NFT is expanding each day, some parameters can be tricky. Here we come in the picture. It is not just an archive; It is instead an investment that is what we believe. If you’re planning to accelerate in the up direction, allow us to manage your accounts; we know the routes meanwhile you can sit back and enjoy your ride in the NFT realm.

Notes to editors

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Tel: 09818204331

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