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Press Release: January 19, 2021

 BluRoyalty is a hip hop, RnB, and pop world artist. He started his music journey professionally only this year and already has thousands of listeners and over ten thousand followers on Spotify. His latest single called Insomnia was released only in October and is already streaming internationally.

Born in the streets and coming from a small city, this artist has done everything with unwavering effort to try to rise above the negativity surrounding him. He has already released his label, which hosts his artists. He has completed over ten hip hop labels since he started and is on the move for many more.

2020 has been a rocky road for almost all industries and especially independent artists. However, despite the uncertainty that blankets the twin year and the personal problems BluRoyalty faced, he came out strong and resolute. He has released more than ten singles in 2020. Including an 3 track EP titled "Say No C No Hear No" (referring to the old proverb comcerning the three wise monkeys referring to the code of silence) which included some of his top tracks like "Mr.Clean Remix" ft HG Profit & LV , "WRZN" which was featuring his fellow artist that he helps manage "Lilnice"

Some of you might already be familiar with BluRoyalty, back in 2018 prior to releasing an official single he was featured on four tracks with his cousin Mon Valley Area Artist "Nation" alongside producer "Slicklaflare"that caught some quick buzz, including the street smash that was inspired by the tragic events of the killing of Antwon Rose a unarmed black teen shot dead by police in East Pittsburgh.Also in the line up they also had 3 other songs including "I Thought I Was A Pimp" a RnB smash where he delivers some nice vocals

In his early years, he had faced legal issues with firearms and drugs, but now he uses that anger, spirit, and motivation into hip hop music. He has channelized his energy into making something the world can enjoy. He believes that music is the way to impact people and make voices heard.


He has other singles which feature various artists like Lil Nice and LV. The song “Mr. Clean” is quite popular, and its remix with LV and HG Profit was a big hit. His songs are testimony to the fact that he has put a lot of work and effort into his songs. They have great potential to hit out of the park and peak in the music industry. His music seems to be inspired by artists like Drake and Lil Uzi Vert.
His music is a reflection of his struggles, and his lyrics make a strong statement about his life. His music uses some great upbeat dance beats. His latest release Insomnia, talks about his struggles on the streets and how he had to slog day and night to earn bread and butter.




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