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Independent and unsigned? Sounds2Buy is looking for you!

Press Release: February 17, 2010

Then it's time you checked out Sounds2Buy.com, a new professional platform that lets musicians make their work available to download at some of the most competitive prices you're likely to stumble across in cyber space.

Covering a wide range of music categories, from hip hop to classical,Sounds2Buy is a refreshingly easy-to-use website with an eye-pleasing design. Some of the exciting features you can check out now include:

A reviews section where artists and bands can review each other's tunes and help boost their sales and their profiles! even further.

A merchandise area that lets artists sell items like t-shirts and mugs we even provide an interface to design your t-shirt quickly and easily.

A news section featuring varied and interesting articles about music to keep those creative juices flowing for bands and artists!

The opportunity to have your music played through Sounds2Buy's partner radio station,Ore Stone Radio.

Ben Rivaux, founder and company director of Sounds2Buy, explains that three types of account are available to users of the site: "The first type of account is free and lets users upload one video and as many as five of their tracks for streaming, so artists can start building a fan base straightaway.

"The second is a Premium account that costs £15 for 12 months and lets users sell up to 12 tracks, and the third also a Premium account costs £30 for 12 months and gives artists the option of selling up to 24 tracks."

Devoted music fan Ben, who says he came up with the idea for the site after growing frustrated with big companies making huge profits from artists, is aiming to put song royalties back where they belong: in the pockets of the musicians who created them.

He concludes: "If your music Sounds2Good, come and join us on Sounds2Buy!"

Sounds2Buy.com is a UK VAT-registered limited company.

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