Home inda Looi Cruise 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection 朋友 (Péngyǒu) is an Ode to Friendships of any kind

inda Looi Cruise 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection 朋友 (Péngyǒu) is an Ode to Friendships of any kind

Press Release: December 04, 2020

Melinda Looi Cruise 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection 朋友 (Péngyǒu) is an Ode to Friendships of any kind


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Kuala Lumpur, December 2020 - Melinda Looi Cruise 2021 Collection entitled Péngyǒu is an Ode to Friendship. Friendships do not happen only between friends, but also with our partners, family members, co-workers and acquaintances… old or new. We can even extend our friendship to people on the other side of the world whom we have never met and perhaps never will.


“Friendship is like humanity. And in times like these, it’s important that we celebrate people; bring joy in any way we can.” explains the designer when asked about the name of her latest collection.


Following this credo, the designer’s latest collection is her way of celebrating humanity. The models in the campaign photography are all friends of the designer, some new, some old and all hail from different backgrounds and have  different personal styles. The garments themselves are colourful and multi-textural, resembling the diverse people of the world.


Vivid colours on cotton are married with lace and batik. Cheongsams are fun yet elegantly paired with flowy chiffon skirts that can be styled in multiple ways. Easy wrap dresses are ideal for lazy days at home or just to catch up over tea with friends. Then, there are cheeky shorts-and-top combos and flowy dresses for hours of relaxation, not forgetting colourful Pengyou labeled  T-shirts, which make a great gift to the dear people, who have been with you through thick and thin. 

 The collection is a pre-order-only collection, doing away with waste and excess production, creating garments within 2-3 weeks of customers having placed an order www.melindalooi.com or in the Melinda Looi Bangsar showroom or her counter at Parkson Pavilion.

Let’s dress to enjoy quality time with friends, as we look forward to bright and colourful days ahead.

Buy the full collection here: https://www.melindalooi.com/collections/melinda-looi-cruise-2021-ready-to-wear-collection-%E6%9C%8B%E5%8F%8B-pengy%C7%92u 

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