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Inclusive vegan food with a Mexican twist – Secret Canteen to launch Happy Taco in October 2020

Press Release: October 07, 2020

Inclusive vegan food with a Mexican twist – Secret Canteen to launch Happy Tacos in October 2020

  • 7 million British adults currently follow a meat-free diet (and many more are looking to reduce meat consumption)
  • Orders of vegan meals grew 388% between 2016 and 2018 and they are now the UK’s fastest-growing takeaway choice.
  • At least 1 in 10 customers to our local eateries is looking for an exciting meat-free option.

[Date: Oct 7, 2020]

Plant-based food sales in the UK are expected to hit £658m by 2021 according to research by Mintel and consumer demand is very much driving the trend. Vegan and plant-based food outlets provide access to a different and exciting take on a variety of cuisines and are a key motivator for some of Secret Canteen’s most interesting ventures. This month will see the launch of Happy Taco - a 100% vegan, traditional Mexican food stall which will feature at the monthly Kent Food Hub Veganism event in Ashford.

The monthly event brings together passionate foodies to share wonderful local, sustainable, vegan foods, produce and much more!

Happy Taco is a riot of flavours and fresh approaches Mexican cuisine, all with a plant-based focus. At Secret Canteen we believe that no matter what your foodie “politics” one thing is certain – the focus should always be on flavour! We will be bringing the very best of Mexican cookery to the Veganism event with homemade tortillas, guacamole, salsas, conchas (Mexican sweet buns), and chocolate Tetalas (folded corn dough).

We believe that plant-based foods can be incredibly exciting, enticing and accessible,  Happy Taco will be showcasing exactly how that is done. “We are so passionate about feeding people the very best plants have to offer, our main goal is to have people walking away from Happy Taco not even discussing the vegan aspect but simply having eaten something that tantalises their tastebuds and makes them stop in their tracks” said Laura, founder and director of Secret Canteen “Food is about bringing people together and putting a massive smile on someone’s face. Happy Taco will do exactly that”

Happy Taco will launch on Saturday 24th October at The Ashford Kent Food Hub Veganism event hosted at the Coachworks from 10am-2pm.



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Secret Canteen is an inclusive vegetarian and vegan foodie experience it includes a local traditional sauce business, events, pop-ups and also consultancy for pubs and restaurants. The husband and wife team provide plant-based, accessible food whether you are a meat-eater, flexitarian, veggie or vegan! Their ethos is to showcase the wonderful flavours you can experience through plant-based eating.

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