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Inbox Recipes Offers Individuals with Busy Lifestyle A Customizable Meal Planning Subscription for Healthy Eating

Press Release: September 14, 2019

Inbox Recipes, a top-rated website dedicated to healthy eating, is pleased to offer its customizable meal planning subscription. The said meal plan comes in two version - a free version and the monthly subscription that costs about $18.99 per month. People who are interested in healthy eating and with specific needs for their diet, can subscribe on a particular meal plan on the Inbox Recipe’s website.

Inbox Recipes aims to help people stay healthy despite having busy schedules. The subscribers of the meal plan get healthy, customized recipes that are delivered straight to their emails. Before they leave for work, a daily recipe plan will arrive and help them become stress-free thinking which food they can prepare on a particular day.

In the meal plan’s free version, people can take advantage of a meal plan that is based on an omnivorous diet, without any special need. The 14-day meal plan is for free, and at the end of it, the subscribers can decide whether they want to upgrade to the paid version.

“I find it hard to prepare healthy yet delicious food every day since I have less idea about different recipes. I also have allergies to some seafood. Thanks to Inbox Recipes, no more troubles preparing my meals and I feel confident of what I am eating. All the recipes are life-saver,” says Vanessa T, IT Expert.

The paid version of Inbox Recipes delivers three balances recipes, including recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is where interested individuals can get a diet based on their needs, whether they have special needs or allergies or if they are vegetarians. All they need to do is to inform the Inbox Recipes about their specific needs and diet requirements.
Meanwhile, the paid version can be customized weekly depending on the needs. Each recipe includes serving recommendations. Everyone is free to request for recipes that can match their real needs.

According to Carlotta Tatti, Founder of Inbox Recipes, “We know exactly how difficult it is to prepare different meals from time to time without sacrificing the nutritional values. With Inbox Recipes, being busy at work is never an excuse for healthy eating and prioritizing special diet needs. We want to help everyone not just to eat delicious meals, but also to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.”

About Inbox Recipes:
Inbox Recipes is a trusted website when it comes to diet and fitness. It offers meal plan subscription to help people stay healthy and fit despite a busy life. It aims to help people stay away from junk-food habits, instead promote healthy food and lifestyle.


Interested individuals who want to subscribe for a Free 14-day meal plan or paid version can call +351 917 262 657, email at contact@inboxrecipes.co for more details, or visit https://inboxrecipes.co/.

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