Press Release: January 20, 2021

Roller banners and posters are two very common printing products that businesses and organizations often make use of. Roller Banners UK tells you when you can use banners over posters.

A personalised roller banner or pop up display banners are the ones that usually come with a stand attached to them, in order to support them and provide a base for standing properly. These can be assembled and disassembled as and when you want and can be easily reused in different locations for different purposes. You will notice a lot of businesses making use of wide pull up banners at exhibitions, events, trade shows, etc. Businesses can get any kind of content of their choice and according to their requirements for printing pop up display stands.

Posters are sheets that can be simply pasted over a wall or any sturdy and strong base. Posters are also quite popular among businesses and organizations. You will notice a lot of local businesses and stores opting for posters both outside and inside their stores. Businesses can choose to print any kind of content on the posters for their marketing purposes. A lot of businesses often print content related to offers, discounts, new arrivals, etc. on the posters that they use for their businesses. Posters can also be used for personal use like printing pictures, quotes, etc., and using them in your office or home for your personal use. 
  • Even though roller banners and posters are primarily very similar printed products. Sometimes their uses might differ. It can depend on the size, the durability, the purpose they serve, etc. 
  • If you notice at any exhibition, trade show, or event, you will see that businesses usually go for a roller banner or wide pull up banners that come with a stand. They choose to use these banners because they can be used for a while at a particular event and then pack it and store it away. The same banner can be used at another event or exhibition. The same thing cannot be done with posters if you stick them to a wall. Posters are often good for use in one particular place and sticking and taking them off often will ruin the print and the poster. It will not be acceptable for reuse. 
  • It is quite common for businesses to choose roller banners over posters if they want materials for marketing at trade shows or exhibitions, even events at the office itself. The major reason is that they can be reused at a different time and location. Smaller businesses or local stores do not require such banners so they go for posters that can be pasted on a base easily. 
  • If a person wants to print something for personal use, they would not go for banners. People usually choose posters over banners for their personal use, it makes sense that way. But banners are mostly used by businesses and organizations for business and marketing purposes. While posters can be used for business and personal purposes. 
  • Another important aspect that can help you decide between banners and posters is the space. If you have enough floor space to put up banners, then you must definitely go for it. But if a business doesn’t have enough space to put up marketing materials, they can choose posters for pasting over a wall or any other surface. This way they will not require extra space to use any marketing material.
  • Though, there is one common thing between banners and posters. Both banners and posters can be easily used both indoors and outdoors. 

Posters and pull up banner printing can also be done together for the same purpose, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But due to certain little differences, businesses have to choose between the two in some situations. There are many printing businesses that offer cheap outdoor banners, stand up banner, pop up sign, etc. You can choose from a roller banner template and get banners printed for your business. 

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