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In Depression? It’s Okay. Here’s how to overcome.

Press Release: January 21, 2019

You are depressed because you bother. You bother because you care. You care because you are a good person. And because you are a good person, depression is one of your hurdle in being right. Nothing good come easy. Why can’t you think this way? Half the burden is gone, the moment you stop beating and being too harsh on yourself.
Depression as a disorder and disease can occur owing different reasons. The environment and psychology play their respective roles in making you depressed alongside genetics and biology and other external and internal factors (of mind). The actual cause is still unknown. It is an outcome of complexities.
Typically depression is characterized by persistent sadness, a feeling of low self-esteem, loss of interest and abjection. Women are gripped more than men and is very common globally.
Am I depressed?
Perhaps this question one should ask oneself if he/she doubts whether or not he/she is depressed. Generally, a feeling of sadness or lack of interest to certain things, a down state of mind and the like are not very uncommon in our daily lives, and they are part and parcel of the same. But if these continue to immure your existence, retracting you from the joys of living, then there is a problem.

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If I am, how do I overcome?
Depression often produces a feeling of helplessness. Maybe you have taken medical help and are consuming medicines (clinical depression), despite there are natural ways you can follow to add to the recovery even faster. Here’s how-
1. Come out of the toxic spot- It is often the case that the cause of your depression is kindled by some person or event that you are still clinging to or in some way or the other is associated with your heartbreak. Find a bypass.
2. Get a purpose in life- Life is much more than dwelling on something terrible that happened. The past is past, and it has no power in your present. Find something that you love effortlessly and chase the same. Find your purpose in life.
3. Take on spirituality- Where science ends, spiritual beings. Read the sayings of saints and sages for they have pondered life into particles. Maybe you find a way out.
4. Systematize life- Enough of your swimming upstream in the river of life. Come into the flow. Stop defying nature. Live life systematically. Wake up, eat and sleep following within a schedule.
5. Support your body in recovery- While you are seeking to come past depression, it is highly essential that you support your body in doing so. Exercise regularly, drink enough water and consume seasonal fruits and vegetable.

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