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Improved Operation Capabilities at EmpirePayTech Now Allows Servicing of Over 30 Industries

Press Release: July 04, 2020

Los Angeles, 4th July 2020 – EmpirePayTech, a renowned payment processing firm in the USA, has announced the expansion of its operations amidst COVID-19 to open gates to industries previously overlooked by the firm.
The CEO of EmpirePayTech stated, “Every business in the contemporary era needs payment processing and merchant account services. Be it a big business, medium-sized, or small enterprise; every industry has unique requirements regarding merchant account services. We at EmpirePayTech understand our customers’ necessities. Therefore we have improved our operational capabilities to keep you going with our finest quality services.”

The Managing Director of the company further elaborated, “The services of our company are on top because we believe that the success of our customer’s business is our responsibility. The improved operations of EmpirePayTech will not only provide the best quality services to our customers that are already benefitting for our merchant account services, but these services will help over 30 different niches. We are providing clover terminals for retailer businesses, advanced hardware and software for medium-sized companies, updated and customized services for all sorts of businesses. This is the first time in the era of merchant account services that a firm is providing customized services for over 30 industries.”

While the focus of the move has been speculated by many as capitalizing on the opportunity engendered by the pandemic COVID-19, the company, on the other hand, pledges its move to be completely philanthropical. The managing director responding to this speculation stated, “ Indeed the times are tough. We know how difficult it has been lately for businesses struggling to make ends meet. And if they are not on the E-Payment grid, at this time, then we all know what can happen to them. The move is solely based on humanitarian grounds. If it was a part of the expansion plan, we`ve had better moments in the country`s economic standings where we could`ve executed the plan”.

About EmpirePayTech

EmpirePayTech provides financial services and products that integrate common businesses to the E-platform governing international trade. Some of their finest services include cash advance, POS solutions, flexible merchant pricing, 24/7 customer services, online reporting, gift, and credit/debit card solutions.

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