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Improve your health with black rice. Yes “Black Rice”!!!

Press Release: February 20, 2019

Black rice or forbidden rice ( Chinese ) is a rare and very ancient variety of rice cultivated in India for centuriesIn fact, the anthocyanin content found in black rice is higher than other cereals, such as brown rice, red rice, red quinoa or other whole - grain varieties.White rice and other refined grains are stripped of their nutrient richness and the useful properties of the mill. [ Health Benefits of Black rice ]

Banned rice ( also known as black rice, Emperor rice, Oryza sativa L indica ) has been consumed for centuries in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular as a functional superfood all over the world.
Black rice is a special variety of rice that contains a high content of phytochemicals ( including anthocyanin ) in the aleuron layer.37
However, a lot of popular bloggers believe that it concerns the nutritional superiority of black rice over white rice. [ Health Benefits of Black rice ]

Steamed Black Rice is extremely low in calories and high in fibre and is a great option for such people.
Replacing Black Rice with normal Rice, bread, pastries and the like will help you keep your diabetes at bay and keep you healthy.6
Overweight or obese people may try to start eating Black Rice instead of normal Rice and fast - food because Black Rice is rich in fibre and fibre, which promotes satiety and prevents overeating. [ Health Benefits of Black rice ]

Today, black rice is becoming increasingly popular as one of the latest and most effective super foods on the market.21
In addition, the fibre found in black rice helps prevent constipation, swelling and other digestive problems.21
Inflammation can be caused by many reasons, but black rice can be beneficial to protect or reduce it, such as linseed and fish oil.21
In fact, the benefits of black rice are so huge that it can even help to lose memory.21
Black rice has an unparalleled record of nutritional benefits among the various types of rice.21

Therefore, people with diabetes may choose black rice combined with salad and a good source of protein.25
Black rice is a rich source of dietary fibre, which will keep you satisfied and slow down the hunger.25
Mix black rice with other healthy, low - fat and untreated ingredients to achieve a successful result in weight loss.25
Black rice is a good source of dietary fibre, which helps regulate intestinal movement.25

The ancient Chinese tradition claims that black rice was reserved exclusively for the Emperor and Royal Family because of its nutritional profile and healing ability.0
As you can see, black rice looks very much like other rice in terms of macronutrition.0
Where black rice is actually ahead of brown or white rice is when it comes to antioxidant content.0
Neither brown or white rice contains anthocyanin pigments, the substance that provides high antioxidant levels of purple rice.9
Brown rice has antioxidants, but it may not be as high as violet rice.9

Following are some points you must read:

We all apprehendthat rice has been a staple food in Asia since past times. however once we say that, we’re principally bearing on the additional common polished rice. Black rice, on the opposite hand, incorporates a additional attention-grabbing story behind it.

Health Benefits of black rice

Black rice was a valuable artifact in ancient China because it was fully grown in terribly restricted quantities. this can be why each grain of this crop was taken over and consumed by the Chinese royalty and nobility, and its consumption by the common people was illegal. Thus, its different name ‘forbidden rice’ was coined.

Because black rice has a pigmented bran fraction, its extracts serve as a natural dye in foods such as bread and liqueur. Black rice also has a lot of fibre, which is good for maintaining our digestive health.[ Health Benefits of Black rice ] Black rice is better than any other type of rice when it comes to protein and fibre and only loses red rice because of its iron content. Black rice has features that are essential for managing and losing weight - it is low in calories, low in carbohydrates and high in fibre. In fact, a study carried out in Korea showed the difference in weight loss caused by white rice and a mixture of brown and black rice in 40 overweight women in 6 weeks.

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  3 - Late in the day, black rice is a rage among health freaks and is only due to its health benefits.Black Rice, also known as violet Rice and Asian Rice, comes from the Sativa specie of Oryza. [ Health Benefits of Black rice ] What distinguishes black rice from other rice varieties is the presence of antioxidants - anthocyanin, which increases the health quotient of rice.The recipe for chicken and black rice is a healthy recipe that is perfect for all healthy people.

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According to the sources, anthocyanin content of black rice is higher than other cereals, such as brown, red, red, red or other whole - grain varieties. Forbidden from the same family of plants as other colorful rice, it contains several varieties, such as Indonesian black rice and jasmine, black Thai rice. Add the cooked black rice to the homemade vegetarian burger, in burritos instead of white rice, or serve with fresh roasted vegetables and your favorite protein source.
[ Health Benefits of Black rice ]

Whole grain black rice has its bran intact, which is a fibre storage facility.33
A third cup of raw brown rice has 226 calories, while the same amount of black rice holds 200 calories.In fact, when it comes to such nutrients, it also beats red rice, violet rice and white rice.
[ Health Benefits of Black rice ]
Because black rice is not defined and denser than brown rice, the way it is cooked is slightly different.It's time to get rid of all the white rice in your kitchen and fill your cupboard with the spectacular, healthy black rice.33

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