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Importance of Speech Therapy For Child Development

Press Release: October 23, 2020

Speech therapy is important for child language, learning, and communication development. Early intervention is optimal for the redemption of delayed speech and language disorder. Children with hearing impairment, speech therapy is one of the crucial treatments suggested by audiologists. It is proven to be effective because it helps to develop essential communication skills in children which is critical for development.

Benefit For Speech Therapy for Children
It helps children to express their wants and needs
Understand verbal and non-verbal communication
Helps to build an overall sense of happiness and well-being

Impact of Speech Delays:
Low self-esteem: When a child cannot easily understand, they find it difficult to interact with family members, build friendship, communicate at school or share ideas. It is frustrating and causes low self-confidence issues.
Difficulty in reading / writing: Children apply knowledge of speech sounds during the learning process to read and write. Lack of ability to perceive sound impact to delay in development in reading and writing skills.
Difficulty in understanding information: Many children with delay language development are challenged to learn and apply new information.

How We Can Help?
As a leading speech therapist in Delhi, we feel it important to make accessible service to our clients. Therefore, we offer online as well as at the clinic appointment for children who require speech therapy. At SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinic we offer comprehensive teaching to students on how to coordinate the air steam, mouth, and mind. This helps them to produce accurate sounds with children with hearing impairment. Our speech therapist in Delhi provides personalized experience for quick treatment. Once the student is successful at making the sound, the therapist works in a hierarchy of complexity.

About SpHear Speech and Hearing Clinic
Sphear Speech and Hearing Clinic is an acclaimed speech therapy centre Delhi. With emphasis on spoken and written language we are the first speech therapy clinic in delhi to mould the traditional speech and language therapy in Delhi. Our mutlupislicary team of hearing and speech healthcare comprises audiologist and speech & language pathologist who are experienced and qualified to help children with unique hearing and speech needs.

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