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Imaginary Cloud launches a new UX Audit Service and explains how the online presence of a business can determine its success (or failure)

Press Release: April 07, 2021

Imaginary Cloud announces today the launch of its new service focused on providing high-quality professional UX Audits to improve digital product performance. A UX Audit consists of examining and evaluating a digital product (e.g. a mobile app or a website) regarding its user experience and usability. 

According to Imaginary Cloud's CEO, Tiago Franco, a business's online presence can determine its success or failure, and the digital world is becoming more competitive than ever.

"It only takes seconds for the users to decide whether they want to leave or to stay on a website's page. If the digital product does not have excellent user experience and usability, then users quickly move on to the next search result, even if it is the best quality service in the market."

Franco further explains that society is increasingly becoming more dependent on virtual solutions and that the world pandemic has contributed to the rapid increase of that tendency. Due to the massive number of available online solutions, it is crucial to understand the users’ goals to provide an easy and quick solution. Consequently, businesses and organizations must know how to adapt to today’s challenges and competitive environment by improving their online presence to conquer users' attention. 

For this reason, Imaginary Cloud has decided to launch a new service that focuses on providing a deep analysis of every aspect that can be improved in a digital product regarding UX principles and usability. Once the analysis is completed, the UX Audit report presents all the actionable recommendations that a product can implement to improve its performance. With over ten years in UX/UI Design and in the software development industry, the company aims to provide a service that contributes to their customers' continuous growth. 

As design experts from Imaginary Cloud explain, running a UX Audit can positively optimize a digital product's performance and, consequently, lead to greater user satisfaction and engagement. In the words of João Nogueira, CEO and founder of Learninghuz, the benefits of conducting a UX Audit did not take long to appear.
 "We were impressed by the results. Three months after Imaginary Cloud conducted the UX Audit, we increased 20% in our growth rate, 15% in-app time for desktop, and 50% mobile." - João Nogueira, CEO & Founder @ Learninghubz. 

About Tiago Franco
Founder & CEO of Imaginary Cloud, and co-author of the Product Design Process book, a manual for digital product design.

About Imaginary Cloud
Imaginary Cloud is a Software Development and UX/UI Design company that follows an Agile approach and has helped design, build, launch, and scale 200+ web and mobile applications. The company operates worldwide, and in the last few months, it was recognized globally by Clutch as one of the Fastest and Sustained Growth Companies in the world.

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