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ILA-Connect: Proven Experts Providing Settlement Agreement Advice to Employees and Employers

Press Release: April 09, 2020

Not everyone can have a dream job. It makes sense for you to resign from a job that makes you unhappy in order to make a fresh start. There are quite a few legalities to take care of before you make a clean break, however. One of the most common practices that employers resort to involves having the employee sign a settlement agreement. You will thus be discouraged from considering legal action against the employer in return for compensation.

You have nothing to lose by signing the agreement either. In fact, you will be pleased to receive a good sum of money as compensation that happens to be tax deductible. You may also get a good reference that will enable you to be happily employed elsewhere.

Do not be disheartened if you find the legal jargon within the agreement to be complex and incomprehensible. Do not fret for no one can actually coerce you into signing the document. You would have to take independent legal advice from a professional such as one of the founders of ILA-Connect that has been operating full blast since 2019.

Be sure to discuss the matter with settlement agreement solicitors from ILA-Connect and obtain valuable advice. What’s more, you do not have to worry about having to pay steep legal fees in exchange for peace of mind. Your employer will take care of the fee and be pleased to do so as he/she is preventing legal hassles in future as well. You are welcome to make small corrections in the agreement if the professional advise you to do so improving the compromise agreement in the process.

About the Company

ILA-Connect has come up as a go-to legal consultancy at presentwith clients all across UK at present. It was formed in 2019 by two property lawyers hoping to make a difference to the society. Obtaining the right independent legal advice is not a challenge anymore for ordinary folks who prefer to keep away from the legal system. The customers of ILA-Connect are pleased to have their problems resolved without having to step out of their homes. The professionals reach their homes via Facebook, Skype, Facetime & Zoom in order to listen to their problems and offer them legal advice. This helps the customers to cut their legal cost as well with almost all of them eager to continue their relationship with the consultancy.

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