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iKix 3D Prints – Realistic 3D Architectural Model Makers and Creators in India

Press Release: December 10, 2020

Architects, builders, and construction consultants face several challenges to present their design ideas to investors and stakeholders. Their exceptional design ideas are difficult to communicate with people using 2D paper designs. The introduction of 3D printing in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry paved a way for architects and builders to showcase their concept design ideas in realistic 3D architectural scale models.

iKix 3D Prints is one of the top 3D architectural scale model makers and creators in India with over 200+ biggest AEC brands as their loyal customers. Their primary aim is to help Architects, builders, and construction consultants to showcase their project design in real-life physical scale models. With over 15+ years of experience in model making service, they have created more than 1000+ scale and acrylic models using SLS/SLA 3D printing and CNC laser cut technology.

iKix 3D and Acrylic Scale Model Services:

  1. Residential and Commercial Building Scale Models

With the increase in urbanization, real estate brands and builders are tasked to develop creative property designs to cater to large people and vehicles. 2D paper drawings make architects difficult to communicate their developed design concepts to customers and developers. iKix helps architects to see their developed designs in real-life 3D printed architectural scale models with vibrant colors, landscape elements, and aesthetics. This allows architects to resolve any flaws in the design before the actual construction. Real estate brands and builders can use these 3D printed scale models to enhance their brand visibility by displaying upcoming projects with customers.


  1. Bridge and Civil Infrastructure Scale Models

Civil engineering projects encompass complex structures and components, which makes architects impossible to communicate the design aspects using 2D paper drawings. iKix bridge and civil infrastructure scale models help AEC industry clients to propose their designs with three-dimensional real-life physical models with component installations and landscape elements. Investors, bankers, or stakeholders can easily understand the project design with visually presented 3D scale models.


  1. Industrial Plant and Factory Working Prototype Models

The industrial power plant, factory, and warehouses have several technical design structures and sprawling land areas containing several departments. It is difficult for construction consultants to explain their developed project design using 2D engineering drawings. iKix industrial plant and factory working prototype models allow construction brands to showcase and present their project ideas with realistic miniature mock-up models.


  1. Concept and Interior Design Models

Architects are developing creative design ideas customized to satisfy their clients, but they face several design flaws during the deployment of the plan. iKix helps architects to analyze and measure their developed plan using the real-life concept and interior design mock-up models with three-dimensional cross-sectional views.


Benefits of iKix 3D Architectural Models

  • Cuts misinterpretation, and enable clarity in design communication
  • Enables quick decision making
  • Enables Project Managers and Contractors to discuss the 3D Prints
  • Enables project completion on time


About iKix 3D Prints:

iKix 3D Prints are leaders in 3D printing and architectural model making services in India. They also have an in-house logistics team to deliver projects around the UAE, Middle East, and Europe. L&T construction, GMR, WABAG, Casagrand, Brigade, Ford, Godrej, Amarprakash, Doshi Housing, Mahindra Lifespaces, etc are some of the brands associated with iKix 3D model makers. To know more about their 3D architectural scale model making services please visit,  https://ikix.in/architectural-model-makers/


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