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iFactory3D Launches Modified Conveyor Belt 3D Printer, the iFactory One Plus

Press Release: March 31, 2021

German company iFactory3D has announced the launch of an updated and modified conveyor belt 3D printer called the iFactory One Plus, designed for serial production of a wide range of objects.

The key difference between the new One Plus device and the original iFactory One printer model is the type of extruder. The Bowden extruder from the original iFactory One printer has been replaced with a direct drive configuration on the iFactory One Plus, improving the 3D printer’s reliability and print quality and expanding the range of filaments that can be used.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback for our product from a lot of companies who would like to build up their own serial production with 3D printers," said Artur Steffen, CEO of iFactory3D, which was named the “Best 3D Startup of 2020” by 3Dnatives.com.

"Therefore, we made several significant design changes to our device and enhanced it for serial manufacturing. What we achieved is the perfect solution for serial production of 3D printed parts.”
Thanks to the new direct drive and other upgrades, the iFactory One Plus has become one of the fastest conveyor belt 3D printers. Compared to the iFactory One, the One Plus has three times the volumetric flow rate and therefore can print up to three times faster with hardly any or even no loss in quality. 

The new iFactory printer is now also capable of printing flexible filament and can print at higher temperatures because no PTFE inliner is used, greatly broadening the range of printable materials. Meanwhile, changes in the cooling system have improved the overall printing quality. 

The forthcoming iFactory One Plus conveyor belt 3D printer is expected to be presented in an upcoming crowdfunding campaign in Q2 2021. 

In autumn 2020, iFactory3D ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for its iFactory One conveyor belt 3D printer. The project was supported by 434 backers, and the company reached around 186% of its funding goal. 

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