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If you’ve got something to protect – come to VIPole

Press Release: August 20, 2015

Encryption in messengers has become a huge issue recently as the officials in different countries claimed backdoors to secure chats. The IT companies opposed it, arguing that once the backdoors are created the data will be exposed to intruders. When it comes to data protection, you would prefer secure systems rather than vulnerable. Encryption is essential for protecting the privacy of the people and the commercial data of the companies.
VIPole is the communication service that protects the chats both from the third parties and form the provider itself. A secure messenger for teams and paranoids. Yes, if you prefer to close access to your data online and hide your identity you should give VIPole a try. All the data is transmitted encrypted and stored encrypted both on the server and on the devices. Thereby access to the computer no longer means access to the files.
- I see, but you are not the exclusive encryption provider on this planet. What else do you offer?
If this is the first time you hear about VIPole – you might be interested to discover some special options that the messenger provides to enhance the privacy of the users.
• Hidden contacts: in VIPole nobody knows that your ex is not ex actually.
• IP-masking: come to us to stay anonymous. While on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog, in VIPole nobody can figure out whether you are a Welsh Corgi or an Australian Cattle Dog.
• Voice changing: if you never really loved your voice – set the new tone for it in VIPole.
Instant messaging and group chats in VIPole are used both for private and business affairs. Voice and video calls and conferences along with file exchange and storage create a safe and handy space for interaction. Video calls within VIPole are free and protected from breaches. VIPole establishes a secure video channel for every call, through which video and voice are transferred in the encrypted form. Only the conversation participants have the access.
The list of VIPole features is constantly enlarged, and the desktop and the mobile versions got the following options recently:
• Privacy settings for authorization requests: requests can allowed for all, allowed after an answer to the question, or denied for all.
• Individual security settings for contacts: a fixed online status and IP-address masking can be customized for different contacts.
• The expire time for auto deleting messages can be set for all or for certain contacts.
Along with the free version, VIPole offers professional and business solutions with the extended list of features, including the standalone VIPole solution that can be installed on your server. VIPole is a cross-platform app and all the chats and files are synchronized across all devices.
VIPole runs on Mac, Linux, Windows and Android, the iOS version is undergoing beta testing and will be released shortly.
Learn more about VIPole on our website: https://www.vipole.com/en/ and follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VIPoleapp to get the tips on internet security from our team.

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