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If You Drink Water, You Need This!

Press Release: November 20, 2016

Drink your way to good health. Introducing Kangen Alkaline Water, the only “Real” water. Kangen water is a strong antioxidant and therefore, reduces inflammation and oxidation. Tap water and all bottled waters are acidic and promote oxidation and inflammation which leads to disorders such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. Kangen water has many health benefits with hundreds of testimonials of people feeling better and experiencing great results. Even alkaline water in the supermarkets are not really alkaline water. Not all alkaline waters are created equal. Nothing can survive in an alkaline environment such as cancer, diabetes, and other disorders. Our bodies are 95% water and so water is a very important ingredient in our life. Change your water, change your life! We are helping people one by one to become healthier. We market a machine for the home that dispenses Kangen Alkaline Water.

We have several machines from inexpensive to more expensive depending on what the person is looking for. Kangen water has many functions: It is great for drinking water and improving one’s health. It is used as a disinfectant and as a sanitizer and can replace items like Lysol, and bleach. It is also used on wounds and used in hospitals in Japan. You can also use the water as a facial toner too. You just change the pH of the water on your machine. There is also the ability to clean your vegetables and fruit from the pesticides and other chemicals on them. Best of all, it is good for your health!

The machines are easy to use and they hook up directly to your kitchen faucet. Website: http://www.secret2success4you.com . This is for people who have health problems and want to improve their health, and for people that want to have a business of their own.

Dr. Gabrielle Kovelman
Distributor for Enagic
Sylmar, CA 91342
[email protected]

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