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If Music Be The Food Loveplay along!

Press Release: January 18, 2010

If Music Be The Food Loveplay along!

Searching for the perfect Valentine gift for your Rockstar boyfriend? Okay so we know you really cant resist buying him a cuddly teddy and a humungous I love ewe padded card, but something tells us that isnt really his style! You know he loves all things music and that he hopefully loves all things you so put down those tacky clichd love tokens and buy him the perfect present for his personality. Valentines day doesnt have to be all about soppy red love hearts and more flowers than anyones got time for. Take a look at Find Me A Gift for some inspiration on some chart-topping Valentines gifts for him!

Music lovers literally cant live without their favourite tracks; their mp3 player glued to their hand and always a tune in their heart and head! Sound familiar? Dont torture your loved one with your cover of Marvin Gayes Lets Get It On this Valentines Day! Why not treat him to the Stylophone Beatbox instead? A modern day remake of the classic Stylophone from the sixties, the Stylophone Beatbox is a circular keyboard with 13 metal sound pads. Each sound pad will play a different percussion sound created by human beatboxer MC Zani the winner of the 2008 Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships! You can choose from three different sound settings including Drum Kit, Beatbox and Bass Stylophone. Your music man can even plug it into his mp3 player and Beatbox along to his favourite track! Far better than a stereotypical pair of Valentines boxer shorts!

Its always difficult to be creative when it comes to selecting Valentines gifts. Especially when youre buying for a musical man with such imaginative tastes. Show case his love for musical classics and perk up his bachelor pad with the Record Album Frames! Every loving girlfriend should know their lovers favourite song, so if its a classic what better way is there to surprise him than with a wall-mountable framed LP of it? The Record Album Frames are perfect for displaying album artwork or even the record itself! The frames will hold any standard album sleeves measuring 31.5 cm x 31.5 cm. No, not just old songs are available on records, get yourself down to your local record store and hunt out your partners all time favourite. You could even find a copy of your song on an LP and frame that!

So Valentines gifts dont have to all look like Cupid himself has thrown up all over them; there are other alternatives to gut-wrenching, fever inducing clichs! You love your man for who he his, for his talents and for his interests. If he didnt love music so much he just simply wouldnt be him. But despite how much you love him sometimes theres a time and a place when he should keep his interests to himself. Not everyone would choose Death Metal to fall asleep to! If his musical interest is less than adorable at bedtime, why not treat him to a Speaker Pillow? This soft and snugly pillow doubles up as an mp3 speaker that only he can here! The speaker is buried deep inside this hollow fibre pillow, so you can only listen to the music if you have your head on the pillow. No more fiddling around and getting tangled up in headphones and no more trouble getting to sleep for you. The pillows arent machine washable but when it could do with a clean, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

So if youre looking for some valentines gift ideas with a little more melody, look no further than Find Me A Gift.

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