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If Elder Author Jay North Was To Make A Wish

Press Release: September 02, 2019

If Elder Author Jay North Was To Make A Wish

Jay North says his one true desire in life is to help people all over the world make it through the maze. The maze of life challenges. "My purpose to be read, understood and have the words applied, having made a contribution to mankind and our planet."

North being an elder now and dealing with life (health) challenges wants more than ever to garner new young readers-that are willing to put their gadgets down and help change conditions on planet earth for the better.

Jay North: Published author of 30 books, organic gardener, social activist, and naturalist. Jay is truly inspirational at appreciating the journey and the roller coaster of life! In the 1980’s and 90’s he was revered worldwide as the Edible Flower Child, partially due to his astonishing success with Paradise Farms and his books regarding organic gardening. Jay is currently enjoying his life as a full time writer.

Jay came into the world knowing exactly what he wanted. He intended to experience life to the fullest; on every level imaginable. His path would eventually expand outward; to include assisting everyone in understanding their own ability to savor and cherish their own life; in love, peace and joy. Jay’s life experiences are vast. All accepted as a vehicle of growth; regardless of the degree (or lack thereof) of amusement and excitement. He allowed every experience without judgment. "This is attainable for anyone," says Jay.

Jay arrived on planet Earth in 1949. At the young age of 8, he discovered his love for nature and for the land. At 16, he captured his passion and expressed it eloquently; through his writing of poetry appreciating his beloved Mother Earth.

"I urge man/woman kind to look boldly at themselves and conditions on our planet and ask themselves what can I do?" Jay North books are available through the publisher website at www.OneGlobePress.com.

When Jay leaves this planet, he wants to leave with a smile on his face knowing he did the best job he could to create real and viable changes in our home-the earth. Go to www.OneGlobePress.com. Now and help be part of the "real changes" that benefit the most people, plants and animals everywhere.

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