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Ibrahim vlr - a Young Digital Entrepreneur Making Waves on Social media

Press Release: June 18, 2020

Ibrahim vlr is a young digital entrepreneur making waves on social media

Ibrahim Vlr (Sheikh Ibrahim) started his journey into the world of social media at the young age of 17 and today , within more than Four years of experience, he is considered a known name in social media and digital marketing

Ibrahim Vlr is an Engineering student, perusing BE Mechanical Engineering but his passion and enthusiasm for technology and social media led to his fame. As of now he is a freelance Web designer, ethical hacker, blogger and youtuber.....


ibrahimvlr started his career at some online freelance websites as a freelancer then he got interest in social media, especially Instagram that he started social media marketing and management, he almost handled 20+ Instagram of various celebrities and photographers . right now he is in a plan to create his own social media agency @xploitstudios which will be his future ....

He was also a part of hackers telegram community @darklites , due to some issues he left that org and started his own organization


He was born in a middle class family from Vellore. he likes learning new things related to technology and also loves photography, games, music. He is an introvert. but in social media he has a lot of friends. he runs a blog about food travel and photography @vellore_blogger


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Tel: 7904858614

Email: xploitstudios@gmail.com

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