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IBN upgrades Data Security for Bookkeeping Services

Press Release: May 10, 2016

IBN Technologies Limited recently announced the up gradation of data security for its range of bookkeeping services in order to make clients feel more reassured about the safety and security of their confidential data. A spokesperson for the organization said, “This recent data security upgrade will enable our clients to have more confidence in our bookkeeping services and will reaffirm the image of IBN being a company you can trust.”

IBN Technologies Limited is constantly refining its services and trying to understand the various issues and concerns that affect the accounting industry. It is an organization which does its best to adapt the changing business environments and tailor its services to meet the preferences and requirements of clients.

“We work very closely with our technology partners to provide extremely secure and advanced forms of data protection to clients. We try to identify all areas of vulnerability and do our utmost to develop comprehensive strategies in order to secure our data and information systems”, said IBN Technologies Limited.

Security and peace of mind guaranteed

The organization’s data security policies are built on ISO 27001 which are most secure and advanced practices in the world of Data Security. It understands perfectly client’s concerns regarding data security, communication and data protection while outsourcing their bookkeeping activities.

In fact, a representative from IBN Technologies Limited says that they have recently invested in state of the art technology in order to make sure that the flow of communication is always seamless and also put into practice several intensive security protocols which make sure that information submitted to the organization is utterly secure.

IBN Technologies Limited uses complete fiber optic based connectivity and has comprehensive ring architecture for redundancy and SLA with the ISPs to office 24x7 support. It also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. IBN offers completely secure SSL, high-level encryption services as per its very stringent new privacy policy. IBN also makes sure to closely follow all CERT recommendations for System Security, Installation, Back up policy implementation and Configuration

“The accounting world can be a puzzle with constantly changing environment, procedures, protocols, technology, various rules and regulations which may or may not effectively deal with obstacles and loopholes. Using our advanced and cutting-edge accounting solutions, IBN Technologies Limited is ready to effectively and efficiently deal with every type of challenge that the industry faces today,” mentioned IBN.

About IBN Technologies

IBN Technologies Limited is a well-known outsourcing service provider that offers a whole slew of Information Technology and back office services to corporates as well as small, medium and large business houses all over the world. The company operates in various regions across the world including the United Kingdom, United States of America, the Middle East and India amongst others. This organization has been ISO 9001:2008 certified and this reflects highly on its ability to deliver quality service up to industry standards. Its services are very popular in various sectors like travel, health, retail, online business and education as well as amongst the Banking, Financial services and Insurance sector.

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