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IBN launches Bookkeeping Services Survey to Understand Pitfalls in Accounting Industry

Press Release: June 01, 2016

IBN Bookkeeping Services announced the launch of a bookkeeping services survey to understand problems and difficulties faced by the accounting industry. A spokesperson for the company said, “The survey will help IBN Bookkeeping Services ramp up its bookkeeping services for small businesses and allow us to adapt and tailor our services to suit the requirements of our clients while addressing the pitfall simultaneously.”

The company had conducted a survey earlier on to understand how business owners viewed accounting services. The results revealed that a majority of small business owners who outsource their bookkeeping services feel they pay too much on taxes, but do not blame their bookkeeping service provider for the high taxes. While 67% of the survey participants expressed satisfaction with their accounting service provider, nearly 47% felt their accountants were more reactive than proactive.

Outcomes expected from the survey findings
IBN Bookkeeping Services mentioned that waiting for complete survey results to understand the difficulties faced by the accounting industry and then adapt its bookkeeping services to address those issues, where possible.

“We believe the bookkeeping services survey is crucial for us to improve our services. Understanding the pitfalls in the accounting industry will allow IBN to address them through our customized bookkeeping services for small business owners,” said IBN Bookkeeping Services.

IBN Bookkeeping Services decided to have a bookkeeping services survey when it found many small business owners had knowledge about bookkeeping, but did not understand the nuances of accounting. A majority of small business owners (74 percent) were unaware that ghost assets had an impact on their books, and only found out about these assets after the IBN bookkeepers and accountants explained it to them.

“The world of accounting can be a conundrum with constantly changing rules, regulations and technology which may or may not address loopholes and pitfalls. Using our cutting-edge accounting solutions, IBN Bookkeeping Services is well-placed to address the challenges that the accounting industry faces,” mentioned IBN.

IBN Bookkeeping Services makes accounting and bookkeeping services simple and effortless for start-ups and small business owners. By providing one-stop accounting solutions, including tax preparation services, bookkeeping services and payroll processing, businesses can focus on strategizing and expanding their customer base, thereby paving way for greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

IBN Bookkeeping Services mentioned that it was eager to analyze the results of its bookkeeping survey to see if the results align with what the company had observed and noted as a leading global accounting and bookkeeping services provider.

About IBN Bookkeeping Services
IBN Bookkeeping Services is an outsourced service provider offering complete range of IT and back office services to small, medium, large businesses and corporates across the world. The company has operations in the U.S., the Middle East, India and the UK amongst others. IBN Bookkeeping Services provides high quality and timely payroll services, accounting services, online bookkeeping services, and tax preparation services for its global client base.

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