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“I’m a Southall Girl” by Shaida Mehrban is published

Press Release: June 29, 2019

ISBN #978-1074201524

“I’m a Southall Girl” by Shaida Mehrban is published

A moving story of a young immigrant Indian girl with a tragic secret and mental health issues

About the Book:

"I’m a Southall Girl" is the story of an Indian immigrant family, who arrived in Heathrow, London seeking a new life and a fresh start on Beachcroft Avenue, Southall. These aspirations are common among immigrants but the tragedy that the Nath family is fleeing spans three generations. The dark secret of that tragedy is a closely guarded family matter, but it has to be revealed eventually, and those dreams become shattered, especially as mental health is not understood or easy to accept.

About the Author:

Shaida Merhban is the author of numerous novels with very important social messages including “Tears Behind the Veil”, “Tears of Silence”, “Blossom and I”, “Remembering the Night Train”, “Mother’s Veil”, “In My Mind,” and “Eyes of Osama”.

Excerpt from “I’m a Southall Girl”:

“Well, Mother, at least you owe me something so, so, why is father not happy, why does he never looks happy and don’t tell me it’s nothing because I know there is something because, that’s partly why we came here, to get away from all of that. You see you think I don’t know but in fact I know it too well. I know somethings up but you want to ignore it and if it’s top secret and he acts as if he’s not that bothered with life, almost as if he couldn’t care less.
I know that something happened back home and, I don’t know exactly what and, I do not re-collect it enough to say what but it had something to do with father and grandfather and all I know is that forever, Father has been like this. I love him too much mother, far more than I can say but at times, I wish he would snap out of this and just be a normal dad, yep, a normal dad and perhaps he cannot, perhaps this thing is taking over his mind this thing is inside, the thoughts and voices in his head won’t leave him alone, maybe we are no better than him or his weak inner strength. I hate to say this but I forget myself when I’m thinking about Father’s inner demons, I forget how unhappy I am when I see Father, coming into the kitchen every day, rumpled like a crispy autumn leaf and I feel guilty for living for myself and being happy and I start to behave just like him and living for him rather than myself. Please, Mother, tell me.”

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