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“I Look Well, Don’t I?” by Roy Cleeter is published

Press Release: April 16, 2020

ISBN #978-1789551730


“I Look Well, Don’t I?” by Roy Cleeter is published


About the Book:

Someone told me putting pen to paper, reliving the events of my journey would do me good.

Therapeutic they said?

What should have been a hop, skip and a jump from Grenada in the Caribbean to the UK in a forty foot sailing yacht? Became, depending on your point of view:

An epic fail?  Misadventure?  Adventure of a lifetime?

Experienced sailors may consider it the latter. Foolhardy that someone with such limited experience should have attempted it. Armchair adventures might shudder, congratulating themselves it wasn't them.

My hope is you, the reader whatever your disposition is:

Gasp at the terror.

Chuckle to yourself at the funny, sometimes ludicrous situations.

Feel anger and frustration from dealing with bureaucratic and corrupt officials.

Ultimately sighing with relief and satisfaction that I survived the reality, and you enjoyed taking part in reading about it.


About the Author:


Roy Cleeter was born on the 1st July 1954 in Mitcham, Surrey in England. Education was a scrappy affair. His parents moved frequently. His brother suffered more, attending 21 schools in total. In 1966, the family moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, before coming back to England 1970. Roy left home shortly after to pursue a life of doing nothing much at all. He would soon tire of whatever job he tried and where he was living. He could never resist the urge to move on. Ambition and commitment were foreign to him, which caused many upsets in his personal life. The solution to his wanderlust did not come until later. After the collapse of another relationship, a woman who has considerable influence in his life encouraged him to learn to sail and live on a boat. "I Look Well, Don't I?" is a re-telling of one of the times he did just that.



Excerpt from the Book:


“Waking before sunrise; my whole being tingles with excitement. Within the next hour I will set off, on what should be the greatest experience of my life. To sail across the Atlantic. My partner Mid and I brought on speculation a forty-foot sailing yacht (Mae Lee) anchored in Prickly Bay Grenada, designed by Robert Tucker on eBay in December. We flew out to Grenada in January of the new year. It takes hard work and a large part of our budget to get the yacht fit for the purpose.

  Mid worked hard on the boat and is as excited as me about the voyage, but she will not sail Mae back with me. Thinking it a daunting undertaking, she flew back to the UK on the tenth of March. Mid will be with me in spirit. Not wanting me to sail solo I agreed to have a crew. My son Del and Mid’s Son-in-Law Lloyd volunteered, but it did not work out. Mid relented and gave me her blessing to do the trip solo even though it worried her. With my confidence high and my arrogance knowing no bounds, “What can go wrong?”


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