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I.G.N.Y. Design brings Old World sophistication to the Modern Age

Press Release: May 13, 2015

New York, NY (May 5, 2015) I.G.N.Y. Design brings Old World sophistication to the Modern Age.

The pocket watch has always been seen as the quintessential symbol of style and sophistication. And while they fell out of favor over the past few decades, I.G.N.Y. Design is on a mission to bring them back with a vengeance.

Mechanical pocket watches were designed to keep time while safely tucked away in your pocket, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having a pocket watch in the early days was considered the pinnacle status symbol of success. However, they lost popularity after the introduction of the wristwatch. I.G.N.Y. Design has developed a line of Pocket watches that pay tribute to the heirlooms of a day gone by and offer you the ability to bring back a bit of the nobility of the past with beautiful, Old World style pocket watches. The best part is that each pocket watch offered by I.G.N.Y. Design offers you something special, something unique not available on any other watch that has been created to date. They have fused classic pocket watch styling with contemporary design elements to create something truly special.

I.G.N.Y. Design has created these new pocket watches for both men and women. They have taken inspiration from traditional pocket watch styles that used decorative fobs that are used to offer a protective flap over the face of open face design pocket watches as a way to protect it from scratches and damage. These flaps also offered an additional decorative accent that made the watches more of an accessory than a as a functional time piece.

Types of pocket watches

There are two main styles of pocket watch: open face and hunter case

Open-face watches

Open faced pocket watches are just that: pocket watches that do not include a protective casing over the glass or crystal face. Open face pocket watches are very popular and often include a fob with a protective flap. In addition to the lack of a protective cover at the face, an open faced pocket watch has a pendant at the 12:00 position and a second dial at the 6:00 position. There are variations in this configuration, however, this is the most common. Those used in railroad service had this configuration.

Hunter-case watches

The hunter case pocket watch, however, has a protective case that encloses the face of the watch in order to protect it from dust, scratches and other damage. It operates much like a locket pendant on a necklace, with the exception of having a spring loaded hinge that allows for easier operation. Most hunter case watches have the hinge located at the 9:00 position and the stem, crown and bow of the watch at the 3:00 position. However, some can relocate these elements to the 6:00 and 12:00 positions respectively.

As you can see, the allure and sophistication of the pocket watch is back and I.G.N.Y. Design has the styles you want at a price you can afford. If you are looking for a timepiece that you will be proud to pass down from generation to generation, please visit http://www.ignydesign.com/pocketwatches.html

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