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I don’t want to compose Bollywood albums : Aio Kubair

Press Release: September 26, 2020

Rapper Aio Kubair’s songs like “Kangasiyo”, “Mahro Bikano” and “Mozadi” created waves in Bollywood, but he says he’s not keen to compose albums for the Hindi film industry.

“I don’t want to compose Bollywood albums. I’ll concentrate on being (an) independent (music artist),” Aio Kubair, whose real name is Rakesh Lata.

The rapper, who launched his first track in 2018, says that the reason behind his not composing Bollywood albums is the underground artists who look up to him.

“A lot of underground artists look up to us (talent like me) because we have done so well for ourselves independently… Otherwise, Bollywood is a tough place to be in and a tough place to reach,” he added.

Famously known for his singles like “O Jana” and “Mere Video Me”, Aio Kubair feels that the time for independent albums is good, as popular labels are supporting the release of these albums.

“Big labels like T-series and Aioten have started releasing independent albums again. It’s a beautiful time right now, a nice opportunity… independent artist have this courage to bring exciting and new stuff,” Aio Kubair said.

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