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I Did 'Kayayo' To Pay For My Music Recordings - Freeky YBNS

Press Release: October 04, 2020

Freaky YBNS is known in real life as Musah Ismael Umar. He is an amazing afrobeat singer who is yet to strike Africa and the world with his amazing talent. Aside from being talented, financial status has always been his drawback.

Freaky  started music 2006 as a duo with his best friend Gentle D who later gave up on music due to the financial difficulties. Freaky in a bitter mood disclosed that, it has gotten to a point that he sometimes goes to the market to do "Kayayo" to gather money to pay for his recording fees.

Kayayo is the name given the thousands of women and girls from Ghana's barren north who travel south to find work as porters in city markets. For the passion of music Freaky said with help or not from anybody, he is ready to keep being a market porter to build what he has chosen for himself.

Freaky in a recent interview, disclosed that he is about to drop an amazing song which he knows and believes would inspire his listeners to push harder in life no matter the situation they find themselves in. He also added it is his wish the world will appreciate his contribution to the society.

Freaky is a very promising artiste that the world will surely celebrate someday. It's so motivated to have a deep chat with Freaky and the question that keeps appearing is, are most uprising artiste ready to toil for the talent and future?.

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