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I can do it in BROKEN HEELS too!

Press Release: February 19, 2010

Want to walk the walk in your highest heels? Long gone will be the days of your ankles rolling over or walking awkwardly with bent knees; and definitely no more wibble-wobbling down the street trying desperately hard just to keep your balance. Weve all done it and this is where it ends!

Lady Indigo, a London-based self-development and well-being academy, are offering classes to teach women how to walk elegantly and gracefully in heels. Youll perfect your posture, build your confidence, and injury from walking in your Jimmy Choos will be a thing of the past! says Yana Timokhova, Founder of Lady Indigo.
Lady Indigos aim is to make us wonderful women more feminine. To use our main asset - our femininity - given to us by nature, to attract love, achieve success and maximise our feminine power. Walking is not all that is on offer here: make-up, hairstyling, clothes styling, stress management, yoga, use of body language, voice coaching and a whole lot more is on the menu for a brand new you.
Yana says: Our team of experts can help women of all ages to radiate both an inner and outer beauty and confidence. Inner peace and balance have an incredible impact on how we look, feel and are perceived by others and what better way to start 2010 by rejuvenating your old self into a feminine, confident and powerful you.

Full course information can be found at www.ladyindigo.com

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