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Press Release: October 19, 2020

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Will the saint become a monster?

I am not a Soldier


            The book I am not a soldier will be released at the beginning of Winter. this historical fiction is set to captivate all readers with an appetite for thrilling action, suspense, and expressive art. War classics have always been a fixation for me as a child. The simple tales that took place behind the curtains of the global war between 1937 to 1945, were those that seemed to grab me. Movies like Shinder’s list and the pianist were the driving force behind the creation of this emotionally vivid literature.

            This book seeks to shed light on a real occurrence that took place during world war 2. This was where many Germans were forced to fight while some had to flee from their birth country. It highlights the few that disagreed. It carries the reader through the slowed shattering of a man’s psychological defenses, disproving our ability to always stand against what we detest. Yet unveiling the frailty of the staunch ideologies we all hold. Will the saint become a monster?

I Am Not A Soldier will captivate readers with its unprecedented descriptive tone and enrapturing action.






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