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Hypersoft releases updated version of Omnicontext with expanded monitoring and analytics for Microsoft 365

Press Release: April 24, 2020

Hypersoft Information Systems today announced that it has expanded its Omnicontext analytics to support all phases of Microsoft 365 implementations with
a full range of monitoring, usage, and adoption reports.

The updated version of Omnicontext builds upon its long-established operations and productivity reports, which are now supplemented with reports on all key Microsoft 365 applications, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Planner, and Microsoft Power BI. An entirely new component includes operational reports on the different phases of cloud migration and adoption.

Hybrid-capable right from its inception, Omnicontext produces key numbers for the assessment phase, such as costs and usage analysis for all sites and applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. Dedicated reports cover migration and allow for accurate tracing of this process. Once the migration starts, Hypersoft has a broad spectrum of monitoring and reports for real-time user experience, with side-by-side comparisons of service quality and usage on-premises and in the cloud.

“Knowing how much time is lost because of unavailable services, and also how much loss is caused by inefficient use of the new technology itself, is critically important," said Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski, Managing Director at Hypersoft. "The latest Omnicontext reports integrate all available sources of workplace data to create a holistic view of how working time is used and how more value can be produced in less time. Omnicontext proves and quantifies how Microsoft 365 makes businesses more productive.”

For all Microsoft 365 apps, Hypersoft collects details of assigned and consumed licenses, usage patterns, real-time services status at the user location, and service quality trends over long periods of time. This information is combined with on-premises data on email, telephony, instant messaging, databases, websites, networks, and platform infrastructure to produce a comprehensive view of digital workplace productivity and its changes in the course of migration to the Microsoft cloud. A dedicated productivity portal provides insight on virtual and physical meetings, patterns of in-office and remote work, email load, and activity outside of usual business hours.

“Omnicontext provides Microsoft 365 customers with another option for independent measurement of technology adoption and an end-user-centered view of the cloud services performance,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft Corp.


Omnicontext is available directly from Hypersoft, from authorized partners, and through Microsoft AppSource.

About Hypersoft

Hypersoft Information Systems is a leading global provider of software for productivity analytics and technology operations. Omnicontext, the company's main product, delivers the most comprehensive information on working time efficiency, productive habits, and collaboration patterns in today's digitized businesses. Omnicontext also measures and monitors how information technology changes work culture and productivity, how technology services are adopted and used, and how well these services perform for their customers. Hypersoft collects the broadest range of data sources to leverage in its analytics platform, including application and device utilization data, communication details, and a wide range of information technology metrics from data centers and cloud platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite. Hypersoft solutions are available to both individual professionals and enterprise customers, and can be used as cloud software operated by Hypersoft or as traditional on-premises products. The company's mobile applications can be acquired directly through Microsoft and Google stores. Hypersoft is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with customers, partners, and operations throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia-Pacific.


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