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HYDRO MANIA CORP LAUNCHES HMC Plant Tissue Collection Project

Press Release: July 20, 2020

HYDRO MANIA CORP (HMC) grows edibles, tropical and specialty plants. Their tissue culture laboratories will have the ability to produce millions of contaminant-free elite plants for all types of markets. The key benefits of tissue culture are consistent quality, juvenile vigor, superior branching, and true to type plants at a rapid pace.


Hydro Mania Corp Chief Operating Officer, Anthony M. Jackson II says “there are 33 biotechnology companies engaged in Plant Tissue Culture work in the USA. And Hydro Mania Corp is proud to be a bit unusual amongst our competitors. In fact, there’s really not another company like us. “

HYDRO MANIA CORP manufactures and supplies soil and soil-less hydroponic grow products for both consumer and commercial plant growers.

They plan to conduct research and micro propagation (including tissue culture media, plant growth regulators, agars, biochemical and much more).


Hydro Mania Corp (HMC) CEO and President, Maurice A. Berkeley says “Our core purpose is to “Save and Improve Lives” through providing a safe, reliable and efficient supply of plant matter components, plant stem cells, culture tissues and related diagnostic services for both medical and pharmaceutical use.”


HYDRO MANIA CORP (HMC) is operationally unique and has characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else apart from similar services in other countries.  Mr. Berkeley adds “Our ambition is simple; we aim to be recognized as the best service of our type in the world, and evidence this through appropriate benchmarking.


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