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Press Release: August 23, 2019

HWO Architects is definitely meeting the needs of modern architecture in London, creating spaces that are better for the city and its citizens; spaces that are thoughtfully designed and profitable. They create places to live, work and thrive. They believe that architecture should be most concerned with the needs of people, in order to meet their expectations: homes considered from the inside out, in which the needs of people and their neighbourhoods come first (not the tick-boxes on a planning form).
The question is: how to make a place where people really want to live? The housing crisis had its roots in outdated regulations, in standards that blocked innovation and neglected modern needs. Based on collective work and shared knowledge, HWO Architects has decided to reform this attitude and to build better buildings. They believe in a socially engaged architecture, transforming individual knowledge into increased creative potential.
The studio is composed of a great team of architects that share the same working principle: collective conception. From the very beginning, they believe in the virtues of exchange, common effort, shared knowledge, crossing ideas and enthusiasm. Furthermore, they work with Revit: an intelligent software which models buildings in 3D. This building information modelling software has completely changed the way they work, taking projects from planning to construction in record time, changing designs quickly and accurately, literally at the click of a button.
Concerning their capabilities, they manage the full development cycle, which includes: site searching and capacity studies; RIBA chartered practice, led by ARB architects; fully compliant designs, audited to Quality Standard ISO 9001; a BIM coordinator assigned to every project, supported by a BIM management team overseeing the strategy, delivery and evolution of their digital design capabilities; direct collaboration with engineers and specialist consultants; among others.
Concerning their residential projects, they know that Londoners are craving light, space, flexibility and community. They can provide brighter, more spacious, more imaginative and rewarding homes; internal layouts that focus around family areas and external layouts that maximize density without compromising quality: a poetic response to design questions, an approach that creates beautiful and contextual buildings that provide value for money in both construction and use. This is the true meaning of luxury in a city like London.
They know that commercial spaces need balance and layouts that suit the activities inside. Everyone wants to work in a positive environment, breathing room. A workplace with generous facilities and active frontages to attract talent and investment. Offices for meetings and interacting, as well as for work; but also quiet areas that alter the pace, for it is in quiet spaces that our intuition reemerges from the intellectual chatter pervading our workdays.
The team of HWO Architects also works on spa designs alongside international spa consultants ESPA and The Spa Tribe, combining form and function to create a harmonious symbiosis which will make each spa project distinctive and authentic, functional and profitable: to delight and inspire guests.
When it comes to new build or refurbishment projects, their aim is to deliver beautiful homes that fit around their clients’ exacting needs, from concept designs and planning consent, right through to completion. A team with extensive residential experience (both on the drawing board and on site) which offers architecture, interiors and project management under one roof; particular in creating value through redevelopment, solution focused, and cost minded.
Definitively, HWO Architects focuses on working with the client from the outset to establish a brief and set out the project objectives and guiding principles prior to starting the design process. They offer a bespoke architectural service not based on pre-determined stylistic principles. Early conversations with the client serve as a catalyst and help inform and enrich their design response.
HWO Architects has particular interest and expertise in socially minded responses to questions posed by the city of London. This stems from a belief that the built environment is not simply a physical framework to inhabit and that urban design should serve as a tool to facilitate social interaction, exchange and enjoyment. In order to achieve this they give great emphasis to context and they investigate a site prior to designing. This exploration leads to a deeper discovery of place which subsequently informs the creation or appropriation of space, function, structure and amenity.
They believe in an intelligent use of the world’s natural resources favouring re-use, recycling and up-cycling over the consumption of non renewable materials and fuel. They believe in expertise and teamwork. HWO Architects encourages collaboration across all projects with the firm belief that a collective of dedicated and creative minds working together are far greater than the sum of their individual parts.

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