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HVAC Recycle Brings The Best HVAC Recycle Program

Press Release: August 27, 2019

We need to become mindful about the way we dispose of the critical appliance in the households or an Industry. Disposal of old HVAC unit remains one of the most important parts as it has refrigerants that are not friendly to the environment. HVAC Recycle (hvacrecycle.com) is serving a noble cause to the society by protecting the environment from unwelcome pollution hazards with the old HVAC recycling program. The company is helping people with an easy way for Air Conditioner Disposal so that people can start using new energy-efficient models.

HVAC Recycle originated to ensure proper handling and recycling of the old HVAC systems at home or industries. The company has a team of dedicated experts with years of experience in removal as well as recycling of all types of HVAC equipment. The company is in the business of purchasing and recycling various types of cooling systems that ranges from chillers, boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and package and split systems.

The excellent transportation system and the presence of industry professionals of HVAC recycle can provide total solution of removal and transportation to commercial and residential job sites. With efficient customer service and round the clock availability of an efficient transportation fleet, you can always reach the company for your HVAC unit disposal.

The old refrigerant R22 is simply referred to as Freon and this is a brand name. It is a hydro chlorofluorocarbon or HDFC and harms by depleting the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the protector of earth from the harmful radiation of ultraviolet rays of the Sun. R22 or Freon was in use for more than 50 years and is discontinued in the new HVAC systems due to its harmful effects on the environment.

The company follows strict EPA guidelines for HVAC removal and always ensures that the refrigerant is pumped down properly from each HVAC unit from removing. The Freon refrigerant that comes out of the inoperable air conditioning unit is rated by the team of reclamation experts for testing its purity before pumping out. Once the testing is done, the refrigerant is pumped out and stored in a large canister for transporting to an approved refrigerant reclamation company. If the reclamation of the refrigerant is not possible to be done as the per the EPA standards of purity, the refrigerant is incinerated.

HVAC Recycle being a responsible company also recycles the packaging items and the different parts of the HVAC unit. The different parts include cardboard boxes, coils, motors, compressors, copper tubing, brass fittings, steel and aluminum parts, sheet metals, etc. All these materials are separated systematically before being sent to the recycling facility. The company professionals spend enough time with proper tools and welding expertise to carry out the procedure in a planned way.

If you are looking for an excellent family-owned HVAC Company for your home or industry Air Conditioner Disposal, HVAC Recycle may be the right choice for you. You can easily call the company anytime to know further details and to get prompt and professional service.

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