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Hurricane Ophelia causing havoc across the UK and Ireland. educogym canary Wharf discuss the damage

Press Release: October 19, 2017

Hurricane Ophelia, a category 3 hurricane, has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean towards the UK, the tail end of the hurricane is causing havoc across Ireland and the UK but for very different reasons. educogym Canary Wharf discuss the effects, exactly 30 years after the great storm that killed 18 people in 1987.

Many of the population of the United Kingdom were shocked and horrified at the news of a severe storm, the tail end of hurricane Ophelia, reaching our shores today, the two countries have been disrupted in many ways, and not from just wind and rain. “When I was on my way to work at educogym Canary Wharf, I thought it was foggy, a strange hue was in the sky, I knew about the storm that was coming and so I expected rain and misery, but in Canary Wharf where educogym is based, we had a red sun with a very hazy feel in the air, and even more surprisingly it was warm, in the early twenties which is unheard of at this time of year” explained Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

While parts of the UK and Ireland battle the strongest and deadliest storm in years, educogym’s personal trainers enjoyed a rather pleasant, if slightly strange, day. So why, with a storm as big and destructive as Ophelia on one side of the country, is the other side experiencing abnormally calm weather? “I have seen on the news that due to the strength of the winds from the hurricane, sand and dust have been spread out over the UK, and so causing a hazy feel across the city” said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at Educogym Canary Wharf.

As the city of London share photos on social media of the fascinating red sun, a hidden problem is happening. The dust in the air has the potential trigger life threatening asthma attacks, and authorities have asked that those with asthma stay indoors when possible. “One of our staff members has asthma, and has done since she was a child, although we are lucky enough not to have the full force of the storm on us, there is the hidden danger this air could bring and it is very dangerous to those that suffer” said Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

Videos and pictures are surfacing all over the internet and social media of the damage that is happening from the storm in Ireland, and it seems educogym Canary Wharf aren’t the only gym affected “We may not have the storm, however our other branches of educogym in Ireland are suffering, and for safety some have had to close for the last two days to make sure our clients and staff are safe, this storm is affecting large and small businesses, but of course the main concern is that everyone is safe” said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer, educogym Canary Wharf.

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