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Hunter consultancy shows why young people are opting for apprenticeship over bookish knowledge

Press Release: June 07, 2017

Nottingham, 7/ 6/ 2017 - Hunter Consultancy is a recruitment specialist from United Kingdom. They are recruiters who use their knowledge and experience of training and recruitment to provide employees in various industrial sectors. They are a dedicated consultancy and thoroughly understand the importance of apprenticeship. Therefore, today they are sharing an insight on, why are young people opting for apprenticeship over studying at university.

This recruitment company understands how incredibly difficult it is for young people of this generation to make certain decisions about their future. It is difficult to choose from the many subjects being offered in the university and that often confuses the students as to what subjects they should opt for their further studies.

Hunter consultancy talks about the three important reasons why the youth today prefers apprenticeship programs. Remember an apprenticeship has several advantages, including getting to earn a decent pay on a learning stage.
Experience will always count, thus it works in favour of youth apprentice to have prior work experience that will have a great impact on their resume. Having a real work experience gives the youth an opportunity to polish their practical skills. This will enhance their chances in working for a company after apprenticeship.

One of the most desirable aspects of apprenticeship according to hunter consultancy, is that it gives the youth chance to earn while they are in the learning phase. Enrolling into an apprenticeship gives students the chance to earn for themselves and it makes being an apprentice very appealing. After all, everyone desires to have the opportunity to become financially independent. Though the pay is not going to be big, it is still something to begin with, unlike an internship which does not guarantee pay. To add to that, the apprentices also gain a similarly regarded qualification without the expense, being presented with an opportunity to earn whilst they learn.

The last important thing an apprenticeship favours is being able to build certain set of contacts, mentions the experts from the hunter consultancy. Knowing someone who is very importantis beneficial in building a list of industry contacts. It will become more and more useful as future progress through the career, and helps in gaining a head start.

About Hunter Consultancy:

Hunter Consultancy Ltd from Lancaster House, Sherwood Rise UK, are specialists in IT recruitment. They are proud to use their knowledge and experience of training and recruiting to provide employees for the various IT sectors.
They hold Information Technology dead and can work to provide employees from apprentice level to experienced professionals. They are based in East Midlands and use their networking to work across the UK.

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