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Howtoteachachildtoread.org Points Out Effective Methods That Could Be Carried Out To Inspire Children To Read

Press Release: October 06, 2015

06, October 2015: Charles Silberman through his popular website, howtoteachachildtoread.org offers guidance to parents, teachers and adults at large on how to teach a child to read.

Reading is a habit that needs to be cultivated in a child at a very young age. Statistics indicates that failing to do so could result a total failure in their life as an adult. “Reading makes a full man” is a popular saying, which is 100% true. A child who learns the joy of reading during the first years in his or her life is known to be more successful, compassionate and educated leaders in future. Reading not only gives knowledge to a child but also enhances their imagination, creativity and ability to interpret something accurately. The advantage a child gains by reading cannot be compared to any other skill; it is powerful, unique and is the foundation of a brighter future. The question is how to teach a child to read?

Howtoteachachildtoread.org is a web portal with thousands of products, and links to articles written by scholars of child education and psychology on the topic. Parent and teachers could subscribe to the newsletter and get frequent updates on the latest methodologies, reading materials and other important content published on how to teach a child to read. The website is a library rich with information to those who seek. Silberman extends an open invitation to parents, teachers, government officials and parents-to-be to join the website to be a part of the mission of creating a smarter, well-educated future generation who is humane and highly intelligent. The only method of accomplishing that is by teaching a child to read.

To learn how to teach a child to read, visit www.howtoteachachildtoread.org.

About Charles Silberman:

Charles Silberman a prominent educator with profound experience gained during his successful twelve-year career in elementary schools has opened a new path to educate the future generation of the human race. Utilizing his vast understanding on children’s mentality and preferences, Charles Silberman’s goal is to lend a helping hand in the mission of creating a well-read and intelligent future generation.

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