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How you can create your Gojek Clone Application

Press Release: July 20, 2020

Gojek app is a one-stop destination for all the customer needs. It acts as a bridge between customers and various service providers. It offers not only transportation services, but also provides other services like food delivery, courier delivery, Appliance services, etc. This is the reason it is called an All-In-One Application. This concept became the hottest selling product and one of the most demanding applications. After analyzing gojek success and profit share, a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs have created their gojek clone app to target their respective countries. This one application allows you to offer more than 52+ service with one application, majorly divided into 3 main categories: Ride Services(Taxi, Moto, Rental), Delivery Services(Food, Grocery, courier, medicine, etc), Other Services(Doctor, Plumber, Carpenter, etc).

Must-Have feature of Gojek Clone App

Real-Time Location Tracking: This feature is a priority of every company. It overall increases the safety of the customer and service provider. Users can track the service with a mobile application.

Simple Integration of Apps: Your application allows you to offer 52+ services, Such a huge number of services integration need highly precise and custom codings.

Chat Support: This is an additional feature, it allows the user and driver to communicate with each other. This feature is handy and can be accessed quickly within the application.

Secured and Advance Payment Channel: Wider the options available wider the customer comfort. Your Gojek clone should have 100% secured and the advanced payment gateway, this allows users to pay quickly with safety.


On-demand services demand is booming worldwide, offering these services in one application is a great concept to invest in. Such special applications need complex coding and algorithms, to overcome such problems, it is recommended to invest in an App development company or hire an app developer team.

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