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How would the pandemic transform the ongoing network support?

Press Release: August 18, 2020

The fight against corona virus imposed a change in habits for the entire world population. Among them, the adoption of remote work has been prioritised to ensure business continuity. The prohibition of face-to-face meetings and the cancellation of critical sector events led us to realise how much technology is already part of society quickly. It is also an essential tool for dealing with the effects of unpredictability.

Suddenly, IT and telecom providers had to deal with a massive increase in the volume of activities carried out over the internet - mainly during business hours. The Covid-19 made a significant impact on the routine of organisations. With social isolation, the number of people working from home has grown exponentially: leading businesses to rethink and even recreate their practices to continue operating.

According to the IT experts, at least 88% of companies have adopted remote work during this pandemic. Those companies that do not have the internal team or facility to facilitate their network support amid t his epidemic tend to hire remote IT Network Support Services from a third-party service provider. As the home office increased, remote access to corporate networks grew, and the need for IT network support increased proportionately. After all, technical problems with the equipment or the Wi-Fi configuration can make it challenging to carry out various activities, affecting employee productivity and the company's productivity.

Technical assistance for new operations

Companies are running out of time and adopting new strategies and technologies capable of enabling business continuity. And that means an exponential increase in the use of the internet. As activities migrate to the online environment, more digital solutions are used. Such devices are essential for the performance of tasks as technical failures can compromise the work's progress and harm the company's revenue.

Although some errors seem small, they can cause significant damage to organisations and employees. With so many remote activities, companies are even more susceptible to the risks of the digital environment. In this context, it is necessary to prepare to face the challenges and have the infrastructure required to carry out operations. It is always suggested to hire professional IT support Services in London to avoid any unwanting surprises.

How does remote IT support work?

Remote IT support is remote technical assistance, primarily to support users who need to troubleshoot computers and network equipment. Support is provided via email, phone, Whats App, or chat. However, the customer must have a quality internet connection. This type of solution helps to solve various technical problems, such as installing programs and applications or solving failures in the context of Wi-Fi networks.

Compared to traditional service, remote IT network support is advantageous because it offers more agility in solving problems as it is not necessary for the technician to go to the site. Assistance can be started as soon as the situation is detected. The service helps to prevent technical problems, such as cancelling transactions and leaking data. In this pandemic, IT support carried out remotely also eliminates the risk of contamination by reducing physical contact.

Good practices for remote operation

Although IT support over the internet is necessary for remote work, some actions are fundamental to the system's functioning. It is essential to have professionals dedicated exclusively to care. The company needs to disclose the existence of assistance to employees and provide the channels for contacting technicians. Employees need access to quality internet. At home, many professionals use personal devices and public networks for work. It means that companies must take extra care with security management to avoid crises.


Although it is necessary to adapt to the new scenario, companies cannot ignore these changes' long-term impacts. In this context, remote IT network support is and will be increasingly important. Currently, increasing business resilience is the way out not only to seek growth but also to remain in the market. If you want to get professional assistance and maximum support, you must hire a professional IT support service provider, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

However, if companies want to minimise disruptions, they must design pandemic-specific policies to get better employee engagement, procedures, and policies, communications, etc. In the coming days, the transformation of remote IT support is evident.

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