Press Release: March 11, 2016

”Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but who does it! Especially in the service industry, where you’re meeting customers day in and day out! People go by the first impression when they have to judge your trustworthiness and confidence.
And so, a uniform does that magic of creating the right spark! It does wonders for you to represent a company and also the overall image of a company. It assures the customers and gains trust. In addition to that, it helps in identification of employees in a huge circle or site. Also distinguishing employees based on the work profile becomes easier.
On a visit to one of the biggest hospitals, I saw a myriad of colours of uniforms being worn by the hospital employees. It did bring cheer to the hospital but confused me about so many colours of uniforms. While speaking to one of the staff members, I raised this question that was nagging me. The answer I got was simple and intriguing. Since the hospital houses more than 5000 employees, understanding the job of an employee is difficult and a uniform bespeaks their role.
I was surely impressed by the staff uniform and in turn the hospital. A uniform makes a statement for a brand. The member has the power to elevate the image of a brand and herself. As a uniform brings consistency, reliability and professional look.
Starched uniforms with colors fading are of yesterday! Uniforms today come in various materials and are comfortable making it easy for members to run around and work.
Use image as an opportunity to differentiate your brand from your competitors. While Search Engine Optimization and other tactics are a part of the company’s branding exercise, remember your staff reflect your brand. It showcases the company culture, professionalism and commitment to service.
So what is the impression a professional sets in your mind?

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