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How To Tell If You Got A Bad Key Copy

Press Release: March 08, 2021

Nowadays, having a duplicate key is considered essential. This is why key cutting Halifax businesses have been consistently thriving. However, not all key copies are created equally.

If you want to identify if you’ve got a bad key copy, here are eight ways to do so

Know if the key can even be copied. Professional key cutters in Halifax know how not all keys can be copied. For instance, your keys to your cars. Take note that there are unreputable businesses that accept key copying requests (even when it involves keys that can’t be readily copied) just for the sake of earning more.

Be wary if the key cutter doesn’t even bother to ask for information about the item in which the key is used for. As stated above, car keys can’t be easily duplicated. This is why credible key cutters make it a point to ask for certain details about your requests. If it’s for a car key duplication, they need to know the correct car make and model to be able to create a working copy.

Check if the grooves and shoulders of the copy and the original share the same location. If the keys can indeed be copied, one of the basic ways of telling if the copy is a good one is to check if its grooves and shoulders are placed on the location same as the original. To do this one, place the two keys side by side on a flat surface.

Consider the condition of the original key. Businesses who specialise in key cutting Halifax are well aware of how a worn out original key can affect the effectiveness of the key copy. This is why they always ask first how old or how often the keys are used.

Expect a copy of a copy to be imperfect. As long as it’s possible, reliable key cutters make it a point to duplicate an original key in good condition. If you copy a copy of a key, it only makes sense that the final product would have imperfections, rendering it ineffective.

Watch out for the reaction of the key cutting business’ employees. Technicians and clerks who work in key cutting businesses typically know just by the look if a copy will work or not. This is why you have to be watchful of their reaction once the copying process is done (you can do this when you avail of in-house cutting services).

Opt for local key cutters. More often than not, local key cutting businesses deliver services of higher quality. To avoid getting a bad key copy, you have to first and foremost search for a reputable key cutter.

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