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How to Stimulate Worldwide Growth For Your Business

Press Release: March 29, 2021

In order to stimulate growth for your business, you need to begin investing in your IT infrastructure. This is the make-up of hardware, software, network and operation of an IT environment, and knowing how to build one is essential for your business. Half the process of business growth is preparing for what’s next, when the business is larger, when you have more clients and partners and when you have more data to store. By predicting growth with your IT infrastructure, you’re already halfway there.  

When a business grows, it is inevitable there will be more data to store, whether that’s confidential information on new employees or clients, data about the services or products you provide, even new and upcoming projects, it is essential you store the data correctly to ensure you don’t run the risk of a data breach. However, knowing how to build the correct IT infrastructure can be difficult, and that’s only the first stage.  

Next comes upkeep of your IT infrastructure, including hardware and software, as well as data storage. This seems like a lot of work for a business that’s preparing for growth, after all you haven’t even grown yet, right? This is where end-to-end solutions come in. IT providers such as Velez provide end-to-end, single vendor solutions for your hardware, meaning you can find all the information on what hardware is best for your business (see our asset management pages for more information), upkeep and maintenance when needed, and monitoring at all times, all in one place.  
How does my IT Infrastructure directly relate to business growth?  

There are many factors that can directly relate your IT network and infrastructure to your business growth. However, the most important - and ultimately convincing - ones are time, money and ease.  


By investing in safe, secure and larger IT infrastructure, your business will not only experience growth at an increased rate, but you also won’t have to go through the process of hardware procurement at a later date, saving you large amounts of time. Firstly, by investing now, your business will have the resources to grow. You will have larger data storage for new software, data on employees and products, you will have updated hardware that will improve the quality and speed of your employees’ work, as well as more opportunities, for example increased Wi-Fi speed can lead to better connection and therefore more business meetings with others. There are endless opportunities to upgrading and knowing it will pay off in future is also a bonus.  

As for saving time in future, it is much more time efficient to invest now, rather than when you need an upgrade. By upgrading at a later date, Third Party Maintenance providers can afford to charge you at a higher rate as you need the services immediately. By thinking ahead, you can save yourself from the stress of losing data when you don’t have the storage, and you have the opportunity to look around to find what’s best for you. Luckily, with end-to-end hardware solutions such as those provided by Velez Managed Services, you can find the installation, integration, set up and monitoring of your hardware and software assets in one place, without involving another vendor.  

In future, you’re going to need new, updated and fast hardware for the employees in your business. Similarly, to time, you can afford to shop around and find what works for you. Not only does this save you money, but it also gives you the opportunity to research the hardware you might want and choose what’s best for your business. This means you don’t just choose the first option, as you are in high need of the product. By choosing end-to-end hardware solutions, you can opt in for asset management, as well as server and storage maintenance.  

These services, provided by Velez, involve experienced engineers monitoring your assets at all times to predict upcoming defects, and preventing them from happening. This can, in the long run, be a cheaper alternative to immediate break fix, as it prevents defects which could have been costly. With end-to-end hardware solutions with Velez, you can get advice on the hardware best for your business, installation and integration of your new assets and monitoring all from the same place. This saves reaching out to multiple vendors for solutions, saving you money ultimately.  


Investing early is always better than leaving it until the last minute. The mistake many businesses - small and large - make is waiting until they’ve expanded to invest in better IT infrastructure. This can cause unnecessary stress, as businesses then run into a panic of needing to find a third-party maintenance provider who will support their needs as soon as possible. Whilst this isn’t impossible and can be done, it’s much easier to speak to a managed services provider- such as Velez- who can provide you with an SLA fit for your needs, allowing you to find something that works for you. 

SLAs can change when your business expands, meaning it’s never too early to choose end- to- end hardware solutions. With the services provided by Velez Managed Services, you don’t need to worry about contracts, managing your assets or even what’s best for you, as the advice can be given to you at any time. Velez provide these services anywhere in the world, meaning they ae fit for everyone and your business can find all the services they need at a cost-effective price. This ensures business continuity and greater ROI on your IT network.  

So, what does my business need?  

Velez Managed Services provide end-to-end hardware solutions for SMEs to large businesses all over the globe. Whether you’re a large organisation that needs to update their storage solutions from an on-site server to the cloud, or a small business who want advice on which hardware is best for their network, Velez can provide the advice, installation, integration and set-up of all services.  

By contacting any of the Velez Managed Services help portals, either on its website or via social media (@velezglobal), Velez will provide you with support on what’s best for your business. With reliable SLAs, you can find a solution that is fit for you now, or in the future. After a year of working from home with limited resources, it’s time to get ahead and look into what your business needs now, ready for when you can go back to the office.  

To find out more information about ow you can use Velez Managed Services to grow your business, contact +44 (0) 20 3916 5004 or visit our website Global Third Party Maintenance – Break fix, Managed IT Services | Velez (velezmanagedservices.com) .  

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